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ABRSM Songbook Book 3, The

ABRSM Songbook Book 3, The

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Selected pieces for voice + piano accompaniment & traditional unaccompanied songs (no arranger listed for these) for ABRSM Grade 3 Examination. Includes backing CD. Original language lyrics + English translations where appropriate. Set for ABRSM Examination 2018 onwards Singing Grade 3 (List A: Barnby or Purcell or Taubert or Trad. - Banks of Allan Water, The or In The Garden Flowers are Growing or Llwyn Onn or Sunflower, The + List B: Davies or Finzi or Jenkyns or Schubert or Stanford or Thiman or Trad. - Dalmatian Cradle Song + List C: Bernstein or Roe - either) & Singing for Musical Theatre 2019 onwards Grade 3 (List A: Bernstein).

Barnby - Sweet and Low: D (f#'-e")

Bernstein - My House [Peter Pan]: (c'-f")

Brüll - Die Bekehrte / Encounter, The op.87 no.2: D minor (c'-d")

Davies, Henry Walford - God Be in my Head: A (e'-d")

Finzi - Ferry Me Across the Water op.1 no.7 [10 Children's Songs]: A minor (c'-e")

Jenkyns - Owls, The: F minor (c'-db")

Mozart - Come, Dear Zither, Come / Komm, Liebe Zither, Komm K351: A (e'-e")

Purcell - Ah! How Pleasant 'tis to Love Z353: A (e'-e")

Roe - I'm Learning To Read: (d'-eb") [Banky Field, The] + 'Oribble Little Blue-Eyes: G (d'-e") [Barnstormers, The]

Schubert - Minnelied ‘Holder klingt der Vogelsang' / Love Song D429: D (c#'-e")

Stanford - Windy Nights op.30 no.4 [Child's Garland of Songs, A]: D minor (d'-f")

Taubert, arr., Barratt, arr. - Wiegenlied ‘Schlaf in guter Ruh' / Cradle Song ‘Sleep in peaceful sleep' op.27 no.5: C (c'-e")

Thiman - Path to the Moon, The: Ab (eb-f")


Aa Ola, Ola, Min Eigen Onge! (Norway): A minor (b-d")

A La Nanita Nana /Hush pretty baby hush (Spain): D minor/major (d'-d")

All Things are Quite Silent

Banks of Allan Water, The - arr. Barrett (Scotland): A (c#'-e")

Coasts of Barbary (Devon): E minor (d'-e")

Cuckoo (Devon): F (f'-f")

Dalmatian Cradle Song - arr. Roberton: c'-d"

Fengyang Huagu 1 & 2 / Fengyang Song (China): D (b-e")

Besoms (Devon): G (d'-e")

In the Garden Flowers are Growing - arr. Anderson (Ukraine): G minor (d'-eb")

Kalevalainen Runosavelma / Lines from the Kalevala (Finland): G minor (g'-d")

Llwyn Onn / Ash Grove, The arr. Barrett (Wales): G (c'-e")

Roman Castillo (Mexico): A minor (e'-f")

Seventeen come Sunday (Sussex): G (d'-d")

Sicilian River Song - arr. Jacobson: G (d'-e"/g")

Stole Mi Se Ozeni /Stojen's Wife (Serbia): G (d'-d")

Sunflower, The (Believe me, if all those endearing young charms) - arr. Barrett (Ireland): D (d'-d")

Sweet Nightingale (Cornwall): G (d'-e")


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