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ABRSM Songbook Book 1, The

ABRSM Songbook Book 1, The

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Selected pieces for voice + piano accompaniment & traditional unaccompanied songs (no arranger listed for these) for ABRSM Grade 1 Examination. Includes backing CD. Original language lyrics + English translations where appropriate. Set for ABRSM Examination 2018 onwards Singing Grade 1 (List A: Secunda or Trad. - Home on the Range or Anna Marie or Miller of Dee, The or Auprès de ma Blonde or La Cucaracha + List B: Anderson or Brahms or Dunhill or Jenkyns or Shaw or Trad. - Noël Nouvelet or Quem Pastores + List C: Bart or Blake or David et al.) & Singing for Musical Theatre 2019 onwards Grade 1 (List A: Bart or David et al.).

Anderson - Omens of Spring: F (d'-e")

Bart - Where is Love? [Oliver!]: C (c'-d")

Blake - Walking in the Air [Snowman, The]: D minor (c#'-d")

Brahms - Die Nachtigall (Nightingale, The): G (g'-d")

David, Hoffman & Livingstone - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes [Cinderella]: G (b-d")

Dunhill - Grandfather Clock: G (d'-e")

Jenkyns - Crocodile, The: G minor (d'-d")

Roberton - Good Morrow to you, Springtime!: Ab (eb'-eb")

Roe - Song of the Boats [Ten Ponder & William Songs: no.2]: F (c'-d"/f")

Secunda - Dona, dona: D minor (d'-c")

Shaw - Cuckoo: G (d'-d")

Trad. - Aija, Zuzu (Latvia): G (g'-e")

Auprès de ma Blonde arr. Barrett (France): F (c'-d")

Home on the Range arr. Barrett & arr. Bullard (USA): F (e'-e")

Igama La Bantwana (South Africa: Zulu): E (e'-e")

Jinkli Nona (Malaysia): D (d'-d")

La Cucaracha arr. Barrett (Mexico): F (c'-d")

Maple Sweet (USA): G (d'-d")

Mick Miles (Sussex): F (c'-d")

Miller of Dee, The - arr. Barrett & arr. Bullard (England): G minor (d'-d")

Mr Colburn (US Virgin Islands): F (c'-c")

Noël Nouvelet arr. Barrett (France): G minor (d'-e")

Quem Pastores Laudavere (Germany): F (c'd")

Sing Ivy (Sussex): A (c'-b')

Spinning Wheel, The arr. Barrett (Ireland): F (c'-d")

Spinn, Spinn (Germany): D (d'-d")

Sus in Poarta Raiului (Romania): G (d'-d")

Un Jour sur le Pont de Treguier (Brittany): D (d'-d")

When the Spring Comes In (Sussex): D (d'-b')

Xiao Baicai (China): A (e'-e")

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