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Chopin - Gold: The Essential Collection

Chopin - Gold: The Essential Collection

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"Essential piano solos" by Chopin. Includes digital download access to full performances. Updated edition, Chester 2020.

Ballade no.1 in G Minor op.23
Cantabile in Bb
Etude in E Op.10 No.3
Fantaisie-impromptu no.4 in C# Minor op.66
Largo in Eb
Mazurka in A Minor op.68 no.2
Mazurka in Bb op.7 no.1
Mazurka in C op.7 no.5
Mazurka in F op.68 no.3
Nocturne in C# Minor
Nocturne in Eb op.9 no.2
Nocturne in F Minor op.55 no.1
Nocturne in G Minor op.15 no.3
Polonaise in A ('Militaire') op.40 no.1
Prelude in A op.28 no.7
Prelude in Bb op.28 no.21
Prelude in C Minor op.28 no.20
Prelude in Db ('Raindrop') op.28 no.15
Prelude in E Minor op.28 no.4
Romance [Piano Concerto no.1 In E Minor op.11]
Sonata no.1 In C Minor op.4
Sonata no.2 in Bb Minor ('Marche Funebre') op.35
Waltz in Ab op.69 no.1
Waltz in A Minor ('Grande Valse Brillante') op.34 no.2
Waltz in B Minor op.69 no.2
Waltz in Db ('Minute Waltz') op.64 no.1
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