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Oratorio Anthology, The - Tenor

Oratorio Anthology, The - Tenor

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This series of arias from the great oratorios is arranged for voice + piano accompaniment in 4 volumes, collected by voice range, ed. Richard Walters for Hal Leonard. Original language lyrics, + English translations where listed: includes some instrumental obbligato parts, as listed.

TENOR: Set for Trinity Examination 2023 onwards Singing Grade 7 (Group A, Tenor: Handel: Gentle airs, melodious strains!) & ATCL (Tenor: Handel - Enemy said, The or Ev'ry valley shall be exalted) & LTCL (Tenor: Bach, J.S. - Ach, mein Sinn or Puccini or Rossini - Domine Deus). 

Bach, C.P.E. - Quia fecit mihi magna: G (d'-b") [Magnificat]

Bach, J.S. - Deposuit potentes: F# minor (c#'-a") [Magnificat]

Bach, J.S. - Benedictus: B minor (e'-a") (includes violin part) [Mass in B minor]

Bach, J.S. - Ach, mein Sinn: F# minor (e'-a") [St. John Passion]

Bach, J.S. - Mein Jesus schweigt / He holds His peace....Geduld, Geduld / Be still: A minor (e'-a") [St. Matthew Passion]

Bach, J.S. - Frohe Hirten, eiltch eilet / Haste ye, shepherds: E minor (d#'-a") (includes flute part) [Christmas Oratorio].

Beethoven - Jehova......Meine Seele ist erschuttert: C minor (c'-ab") [Christ on the Mount of Olives: Jesus].

Bruckner - Te ergo quaesumus: F minor (f'-bb") [Te Deum Laudamus].

Gounod - Sanctus: F (f'-a") [St. Cecilia Mass].

Handel - Gentle airs, melodious strains!: A (e'-f#") (includes cello part) [Athalia: Mathan]

Handel - Enemy said, The: G (d'-a") [Israel in Egypt]

Handel - Hide thou thy hated beams...Waft her, angels: G (b-a") [Jephtha]

Handel - My arms!....Sound an Alarm!: D (d'-a") [Judas Maccabaeus]

Handel - Thy rebuke...Behold, & see...But Thou didst not leave His soul in hell: E minor (d#'-g"), Comfort ye, my people...Ev'ry valley shall be exalted: E (e'-g#") + He that dwelleth...Thou shalt break them: A minor (e'-a") [Messiah]

Handel - Oh, loss of sight...Total eclipse: E minor (d'-g") [Samson].

Haydn - Gefesselt / By frost....Hier steht der Wand'rer nun / Trav'ler stands perplexed, The: E minor (db'-b") [Seasons, The: Lucas]

Haydn - Und Gott / And God....Mit Wurd' und Hoheit angetan / In native worth: C (g'-a") [Creation, The: Uriel]

Haydn - Fac me cruce custodiri: C (f#'-b") [Stabat Mater].

Mendelssohn - Ye people / Zerreisset....If with All Your Hearts / So ihr mich: Eb (f'-ab") + Then shall the righteous shine forth / Dann werden: Ab (eb'-ab") [Elijah: Obadiah]

Mendelssohn - Strikke des Todes / Sorrows of Death, The: C minor (g'-ab") [Hymn of Praise]

Mendelssohn - Sei getreu bis in den Tod / Be thou faithful unto death: C (d'-g") [St. Paul].

Puccini - Gratias agimus tibi: Db (eb'-bb") [Messa di Gloria].

Rossini - Domine Deus: D (f#'-a") [Petite Messe Solennelle]

Rossini - Cujus animam: Ab (eb'-db'") [Stabat Mater].

Saint-Saens - Domine, ego credidi: C (f'-a") [Christmas Oratorio]

Verdi - Ingemisco: Eb (f'-bb") [Messa di Requiem]

Vivaldi - Peccator videbit: F (c'-f") [Beatus Vir].

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