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Superstudies for Viola Book 1

Superstudies for Viola Book 1

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Mary Cohen's study series for strings is widely used for teaching: for solo viola, in 2 volumes: book 1. Set for Trinity Examinations 2020-23 Viola Initial (Rockets to the Rescue) & Grade 1 (Blast Off! or Rocking Rowboats). 

Banana Bounce!

Blast Off!

Cuckoo? Where's That Cuckoo?

Floating in the Swimming Pool

Gliding Along at the Octopus Ball

Hear That Whistle!

Hurry if You Want to See the Engine!

Let's All Go to the Grizzly Bear's Grump

Operation Space Station

Robots Rocking at the Microchip Ball

Rockets to the Rescue

Rocking Rowboats

Rum-bah Ba!

Space Walk

Strawberry Milk Shake

Tawny Owl Blues

Toffee Nut Fudge Cake

Vanilla Ice Cream

Wave Machine

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