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Baritone Songs - New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs

Baritone Songs - New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs

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The New Imperial Edition of Solo Songs was designed to give a chronological anthology of solo song from the lutenists to the mid 20th century. One volume per voice - soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone & bass, + piano accompaniment. Original-language lyrics, + translated English lyrics where that's NOT the original language...

BARITONE: Set for ATCL (Baritone / Bass: Handel - Revenge! Timotheus cries)

Arne - Plague of Love, The: Eb (d'-g")

Beethoven - To the Faithless One / Als die Geliebte sich trennen wollte: Eb (d'-g")

Brahms - Garland, The / Kränze, Die: B (c#'-e"), Message, The / Botschaft: G minor (d'-f") & Sunday Morning / Sonntag: F (c'-f")

Dowland - Come again, Sweet love: G (d'-e")

Gurney - Bonnie Earl of Murray, The: D minor (d'-f")

Handel - How art thou fall'n [Esther]: E minor (c'-e"), Revenge! Timotheus cries [Alexander's Feast]: D (G-e') & Thrice happy the monarch [Alexander Balus]: Bb (g-f")

Hatton - To Anthea: Eb (eb'-eb")

Loewe - Edward: D minor (g-f#")

Purcell - Let the dreadful engines [Don Quixote: Cardenio]: Eb (bb-f") & Ye twice ten hundred deities [Indian Queen, The: Ismeron] Z630: G minor (G-eb')

Quilter - O mistress mine [Three Shakespeare Songs op.6 - no.2]: Eb (bb-eb'')

Rachmaninov - When yesterday we met / Je la vis s'arreter: D minor (d-e')

Scarlatti, A - Cease, oh maiden / O Cessate [Il Pompeo]: E minor (d#'-d")

Schubert - Erl King, The / Erlkšnig: E minor (a-e"), Wanderer, The / Wanderer: C# minor (e/g#-e"), Der & Wraith, The / Doppelgänger, Der [Schwanengesang]: G minor (g-eb")

Schumann - Belshazzar / Belsatzar: E minor (a-e"), Thy Lovely Face / Dein Angesicht: D (c#'-f") & Why blame thee now? / Ich grolle nicht [ Dichterliebe]: C (c'-e")

Somervell - Birds in the high Hall-garden [Maud]: Eb (bb-db")

Strauss, R - Welcome Vision, A / Freundliche Vision: C (d'-f")

Sullivan - If doughty deeds my lady please: Eb (bb-eb")

Tchaikovsky - Don Juan's Serenade: A minor (a-d"/e")

Vaughan Williams - Youth and Love [Songs of Travel]: G (c'-e'')

Warlock - Walking the Woods: F (c'-f")

White - King Charles: F (c'-c")

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