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Caneuon Cymru (Songs of Wales) - Hargest Jones

Caneuon Cymru (Songs of Wales) - Hargest Jones

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This standard collection of Welsh folksongs is uniform with the other B&H folksong collections for solo voice + piano, but unfortunately was originally republished in English only - this supplementary Welsh language volume that followed only has the vocal line, Welsh lyrics & chord symbols, not the piano accompaniment. Boosey & Hawkes, 1992. M060092701 (voice + chords in Welsh). Tr. / Arr. Margery Hargest Jones.

NB this is the Welsh language version (vocal line only, no piano). We also stock the full piano version + English lyrics. 

Alltud o Gymru, Yr / "As the Night is Approaching": G (d'-e'')

Ap Siencyn / "There Lived a Bachelor": D (d'-f'')

Ar Hyd y Nos / All Through the Night: G (d'-e'')

Bore Glas, Y / So Early in the Morning: D minor (c'-f'')

Breuddwyd y Frenhines / "Springtime is Returning": G (d'-e'')

Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn / Watching the Wheat: D (c#'-e")

Cadair Idris / "One Bright Summer Morning" [Jenny Jones]: D (d'-f'')

Cariad y Bardd / The Bard's Love: D (c'-f'')

Cariwd y Dydd / Loudly Proclaim: G (d#'-e'')

Clychau Aberdyfi / The Bells of Aberdovey - Dorothy Jordan + Charles Dibden: D minor (c'-f'')

Codiad yr Haul / From your Slumber Arise: G minor (b-f'')

Codiad yr Hedydd / The Rising of the Lark: C (e'-e'')

Dafydd y Garreg Wen / David of the White Rock: F minor (c'-f'')

Deryn Pur, Y / Dove, The: D minor (d'-f'')

Difyrrwch Gwŷr Dyfi / "Sad Was the Day": C minor (c'-e'')

Difyrrwch y Brenin / "On This Day" [The King's Delight]: G (d'-e'')

Dwfn Yw'r Môr / "Well I Know": D minor (d'-f'')

Ei Bendith ar ei Ben / God Bless the Prince of Wales - Brinley Richards: A (e'-e'')

Erddigan Hun Gwenllian / A Lovely Lady Softly Sighed [Gwenllian's Repose]

Eryri Wen / O Mountain White: A minor (c'-g'')

Ferch O'r Sger, Y / Lady of Sker, The - Thomas Evans: A (c'-f'')

Ffani Blodau'r Ffair / My Lady is More Fair: D minor (c'-f'')

Fwyalchen, Y / Blackbird, The: C minor (c'-f'')

Fy Nghalon / My Heart: A minor (e'-f")

Hen Wlad fy Nhadau / Land of my Fathers - James James: C minor (d'-e'')

Hob y Deri Dando / All the Day [2 fersiwn/versions]: G (d'-e'')

Hun Gwenllian / A Lovely Lady Softly Sighed: D (d'-f'')

I Blas Gogerddan / "This Garden Now": D (d'-d'')

Llwyn Onn / Ash Grove, The: A (d'-e")

Mae'r Flwyddyn yn Marw / The Old Year is Passing: D minor (e'-d'')

March A'r Gwddw Brith, Y / Morning Glory, The: C minor (c'-g'')

Medd Merch Glyndwr / "Fair Country": G minor (d'-e'')

Mentra Gwen / "Stars Above Are Bright, The": G (d'-e'')

Merch Megan / Megan's Fair Daughter: D minor (c'-f'')

Merch y Melinydd / The Miller's Daughter: D (b-e'')

Morfa Rhuddlan / The Marsh of Rhuddlan: F minor (c'-e'')

Nos Galan / New Years Eve: D minor (e'-f'')

Pan Gyfyd yr Heulwen / When Morning is Breaking: A (e'-e")

Pan Own I'n Rhoddio / When I Was Roaming: D (d'-e'')

Pant Corlan yr Wyn / "Let Now the Harp": G (d'-d'')

Pe Cawn I Hon / If She Were Mine: G (e'-f'')

Rhwyn Wrth dy Wregys / Forward to Battle [Rhyfelgyrch Capten Morgan]: A (e'-e'')

Rhyfelgyrch Gwŷr Harlech / Men of Harlech: G (d'-e'')

Saith Gysgadur, Y / "Once a Farmer And His Wife": D minor (c'-f'')

Serch Hudol / "Weep Not For Me": D (c'-f'')

Tros y Garreg / Over the Stone: F minor (c'-f'')

Wrth Edrych yn ol / Why do I Just Gaze? [Lady Owen's Delight]: D minor (d'-f'')

Yn Iach I ti Gymru / Farewell my Dear Country: C minor (d'-f'')

Yn Nyffryn Clwyd / "The Missing Boat": F minor (c'-f'')

Yn Nyffryn Llangollen / In the Vale of Llangollen [The Crystal Ground]: G (d'-d'')

Ystafell Cynddylan / Hall of my Chieftain: D minor (e'-e'')

Tags: Singing Grade 2; Singing Grade 3; Singing Grade 4

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