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Second Book of Baritone / Bass Solos

Second Book of Baritone / Bass Solos

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Schirmer collection of songs for baritone / bass + piano accompaniment, ed. Joan Frey Boytim, 1994. The French. German & Italian songs mostly include English lyrics also: the vocal line is written in treble clef unless listed otherwise. 

Beethoven - Nature's Adoration: bass clef, Ab (C-eb')

Bononcini - Piu Vaga e Vozzosetta: D (b-d")

Chausson - Le Charme / When you surprised me: Eb (bb-eb")

Cornelius - Die Hirten / The Shepherds: D (c#'-e")

Dvořak - I Will Sing New Songs [Bibilcal Songs]: Ab (eb'-eb")

FaurŽ - Les Roses d'Ispahan / Rose of Ispahan: C (c-e")

Greene - Salvation Belongeth Unto the Lord: Ab (eb'-db")

Handel - I feel the deity within...Arm, Arm, Ye Brave [Judas Maccabeus]: C (B-e"); Like the Shadow [Triumph of Time & Truth]: D (a-d"); More Sweet is That Name [Semele]: D (a-d"); Si, Tra I Ceppi / Howsoever they may revile me [Berenice]: C (b-d")

Ireland - Memory: D (b-d")

Leoncavallo – Mattinata / The Dawn: Bb (g-eb")

Martini - Plaisir d'Amour / Joys of Love: Eb (bb-eb")

Mendelssohn - Draw near,,.Lord God of Abraham [Elijah]: bass clef, Eb (Bb-eb')

Parry - Love is a Bable: Eb (c'-eb")

Purcell - Arise, Ye Subterranean Winds [Tempest, The] Z631: C (e/f-d"); Let Each Gallant Heart: A (b-e"); Since from my Dear: B minor (b-d")

Rachmaninov - The Island: D (bb-d")

Scott, A arr. Wekerlin - Annie Laurie: bass clef, Bb (Bb-d')

Scott, J.P. - Then, then shall the King....Come, Ye Blessed: Eb (bb- eb")

Schubert - Der Lindenbaum / Linden Tree: D (a-d"), Die Post / The Post: Bb (bb-eb") & Gefror'ne Thranen / Frozen Tears: D minor (a-e") [Winterreise op.89/D911]; Der Wanderer / The Wanderer: B minor (f-d")

Shaw, Martin - Child of the Flowing Tide: Ab (c'-f")

Sullivan - Policeman's Song [Pirates of Penzance]: F (f-c"); When I Was a Lad I Served a Term [HMS Pinafore]: Bb (bb-d")

Vaughan Williams – Vagabond, The [Songs of Travel]: C minor (aÕ-eÕÕ)

Wilson, arr. - Ah! Willow: G minor (bb-c")

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