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Lewis, Paul - Melodic Moments for lever harp

Lewis, Paul - Melodic Moments for lever harp

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An album of gentle, relaxing pieces with the emphasis on melody. Nothing too difficult and only one lever change while playing! Paul Lewis was inspired to write these pieces when his wife, Sharon Elizabeth, took up the lever harp. Goodmusic, 2018.

BLUE SKY AND LONG GRASS: Meandering past the rushes on the riverbank, alone but for an occasional heron fishing in the stream.
LAZY SUNDAY: Relaxing in the garden on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
WONDERING AS I WANDER: Walking along a country lane thinking of this, that and the other, but nothing too serious!
LUCIE: Lucie picks wild flowers in the meadow and puts them in her basket bedecked with ribbons. This is based on the first of Deux Chansons pour Enfants for children's voices and piano, published by Roberton/Goodmusic No.75478.
BLOSSOM TIME: A delicate waltz for a garden full of scented blossom.
SHEPHERD'S TUNE: A shepherd on a hillside plays his pipe as he watches his sheep.
GOATHERD'S DANCE: A merry rustic dance.
RIPPLES: Floating arpeggios suggestive of mesmerizing ripples on a pond.
MUSICAL EVENING: A slow but elegant piece in classical style for an old-fashioned musical evening.

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