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Flanders & Swann Classics - CD

Flanders & Swann Classics - CD

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The best of the beloved comedy-musical duo Michael Flanders & Donald Swann, reissued by Alto in 2013 - the live album "At the Drop of a Hat" recorded at the Fortune Theatre in 1957 plus excerpts from "The Bestiary" of 1961.

At the Drop of a Hat (Fortune Theatre, London)

[1] A Transport of Delight (London Omnibus)

[2] Song of Reproduction

[3] A Gnu

[4] Design for Living

[5] Je Suis Le Tenebreux

[6] Songs for Our Time (Philological Waltz; Satellite Moon; A Happy Song)

[7] A Song of the Weather

[8] The Reluctant Cannibal

[9] Greensleeves

[10] Misalliance

[11] Kokoraki – A Greek Song

[12] Madeira, M'Dear?

[13] The Hippopotamus

The Bestiary of Flanders and Swann – Excerpts

[14] The Warthog (the Hog Beneath the Skin)

[15] The Whale (Mopy Dick)

[16] The Rhinoceros

[17] The Elephant

[18] The Armadillo

[19] The Spider

[20] The Ostrich

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