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Haydn: His Life and Music - Vickers

Haydn: His Life and Music - Vickers

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Haydn was among the first great composers whose fame in his own lifetime endured after his death. While he is loved for a handful of popular, tuneful symphonies & the oratorio The Creation, the broader scope of Haydn's musical achievements & his fascinating life have been overshadowed by the prodigious brilliance of his friend Mozart & the rebellious daring of his pupil Beethoven. Amply supported with superb musical extracts, this biography by David Vickers reveals Haydn as a man of resourcefulness, eloquence, energy & charm - all traits that are abundant in his inventive music.

Contains 2 CDs of music spanning Haydn's career, & free access to a dedicated website with hours of extra music. :part of the affordable Life and Music series from Naxos Books, utilizing both traditional and new media.

Released 2008 to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Haydn's death in 1809. Paperback, 216pp, + 2CDs

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