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Friml - The Vagabond King & Rose Marie highlights - CD

Friml - The Vagabond King & Rose Marie highlights - CD

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EMI recordings from 1957-61, reissued by Classics for Pleasure in 2005. NB now out of print, last physical copy.

Friml - The Vagabond King (highlights)

Introduction & Opening Chorus: Gaudeo (Love is like a bubble in our glasses)

Love for Sale (Here's your dream of happiness)

Drinking Song: A Flagon of Wine (Lay me to snooze)

Song of the Vagabonds (Come all you beggars of Paris Town)

Some Day

Only a Rose (Red rose, out of the east)

Hunting (We hunt today for a wilder sort of game)

Scotch Archer Song (There's a crook with a look)

Tomorrow (When you say: 'Not today')

Huguette Waltz: Never try to bind me (Hearts may flower)

Love me tonight

Finale: In the name of the Duke of Burgundy

Edwin Steffe, Dorothy Dorow, Freda Larsen, Lissa Gray & John Larsen with New World Show Orchestra & Peter Knight Singers directed by Jan Cervenka. Recorded c.1961, IBC Sound Studios, London

Friml - Rose Marie (highlights)

Overture - Sing fol di rol

Hard-Boiled Herman (When I get my gat)

Rose Marie (Oh, sweet Rose Marie)

The Mounties (On through the hail)

Lak Jeem (I know dat no udder man I see)

Indian Love Call (So echoes of sweet love notes gently fall)

Pretty Things (If a man should ask)

Why shouldn't we? (Sweetheart, sweetheart)

Totem Tom-Tom (Long ago there used to be)

Only a Kiss

The Minuet of the Minute (Sedate and stately minuet)

Act II: Finale

David Hughes, Barbara Leigh, Maggie Fitzgibbon, Barbara Elsy, Andy Cole & David Croft with theNew World Show Orchestra & The Linden Singers, directed by Johnny Douglas. Recording Venue: Philips Studios, Stanhope Place, London, 1960

The Door of my Dreams


Elizabeth Larner with the Rita Williams Singers & Tony Osborne & His Orchestra. Recorded 29/10/57, No. 1 Studio, Abbey Road, London

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