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Etudes for Concert or Celtic Harp - Shaljean, ed.

Etudes for Concert or Celtic Harp - Shaljean, ed.

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58 collected studies & related pieces, including new pieces, historical pieces unpublished in modern times, transcriptions, & standard harp repertoire. Ed. Bonnie Shaljean: Blue Crescent / Creighton, 2004. Set for ABRSM Examinations from 2019 Pedal & Non-Pedal Harp Grade 6 (List C: Heller - Etude in C), & Grade 7 (List C: Moszkowski) & Non-Pedal Harp Grade 7 (List C: Viner - Etude in A Minor + Shaljean - Etude After Viner)

Anon. 19th c. arr. Shaljean - Romance (originally for guitar)

Bach, J.C. - Allegretto in F; Peasant Dance; Solfeggio in G

Bennett arr. Evans - A Rondo for the Harp [Lays of my Land, 1896]

Berens - Allegretto in F

Bertini - Allegro [Mother Attraca Coffey's Harp Study Book of 1903]

Bochsa - Etudes 6, 9, 10, 15, 16, 36 & 37 [40 Etudes op.318]; Etude 7 [50 Etudes op.34]

Burgmuller - Clear Brook, The; Harmony of the Angels (2 versions, 1 shorter); Swallow, The

Chipp - Temple to Friendship, A, Reason Folly & Beauty & Those Evening Bells [Selection of Popular & National Melodies arranged in a familiar style for the harp, c. 1817]

Czerny - Allegro Moderato; Allegretto Vivace; Allegro in A; Allegro in C; Molto Allegro; Molto Allegro II; Presto

Godefroid - Etude in F

Heller - Carillon Study in F; Etude in C op.45 no.1; Prelude in C op.119 no.2

Kiallmark - Etude in G [Mother Attraca Coffey's Harp Study Book of 1903]

Krumpholtz - Etude in C [Mother Attraca Coffey's Harp Study Book of 1903]

La Tour - Sonatina in G op.4

Moszkowski - Etude in C op.97 no.11

Nadermann - Allegro in Bb; Etude for Rapid Playing; Moderato in Bb; Rondoletto [Sonatina I] & Rondoletto [Sonatina IV: 7 Progressive Sonatinas op.92]

Parry, John (Bardd Alaw) - Proving the Strings [Welsh Harper 1848]

Schumann, R - In the Gondola; Weigenliedchen

Shaljean - Etude After Czerny; Etude After Viner; Etude in A Minor; Etude in Bb; Etude in C Minor; Etude in D; Etude in G Minor

Viner - Etude in A Minor & Two Studies in Rolled Chords [Mother Attraca Coffey's Harp Study Book of 1903]

Weippert - Divertimenti I-V [12 Divertimenti op.10, 1817]

Zabel - Exercise no.19 [Method for the Harp]

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