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Sound Foundations - Rae & Cornick

Sound Foundations - Rae & Cornick

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This informative and stimulating new volume with CD on the art and craft of composing will be welcomed by anyone who is learning to compose, and is especially suitable for those taking secondary school music examinations (GSCE and beyond).

By 2 of Universal's most popular composers in the popular / jazzy style, James Rae & Mike Cornick, UE, 2009.

• The fundamentals of music theory, including time- and key-signatures, scales and a section to get you started in understanding harmony
• Explanation of the basics as well as many of the finer points of musical notation and the applications of music software
• A CD with over 100 recorded examples directly related to the text as well as two play-along tracks for jazz improvisation
• Specific tips on writing for the voice and the piano as well as a thorough survey of virtually every other instrument, including ranges and characteristics
• The meaning of foreign musical terms
• Adding dynamics, articulation and other essentials to your score
• More than 150 suggestions for further listening in a wide range of genres
• An extensive glossary of technical terms
• A range of inspiring compositional assignments

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