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Russian Music for Piano Book 3

Russian Music for Piano Book 3

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This collection contains 11 shorter easy pieces of early 20th century Russian solo piano music. Book 3 contains pieces with more varied rhythms than the first 2 volumes, and more use of the pedals. Chester, ed. Weston, 1916, revised 1989.

Amani - Ancien Menuet, Impromptu & Petite Valse op.15 nos.10, 6 & 2

Gliere - Chanson Simple op.31 no.2; Nocturne op.26 no.4

Goedicke – Miniature & Petite Piece op.6 nos.7 & 17

Ladoukhin - Allegro op.10 no.8

Maykapar - Petites Variations (on a Russian theme) & Scherzino op.8 nos.14 & 13

Pachulski - Prelude op.8 no.6

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