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Manx Music - ed. Moore

Manx Music - ed. Moore

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A reprint in larger format of songs & instrumental pieces from A.W. Moore's early 20th c. collection of Manx music. Instrumental / voice + piano accompaniment. Llanerch, 1999. Manx lyrics only. NB now out of print, last few copies, slightly shop-worn - was £9.99.

Arrane ny Mummeryn (Mummer's Song) - voice + piano: A (a-c#")

Arrane Sooree (Courting Song) - voice + piano: F minor (eb'-f")

Berrey Dhone (Brown Berrey) - voice + piano: D (c#'-f#")

Car-y-phoose (Wedding Song) - voice + piano: Eb (eb'-eb") + 2nd version melody only: Ab (eb'-eb")

Dooinney Seyr V'ayns Exeter (A Gentleman of Exeter) - voice + piano: A minor (c'-e")

Graih my Chree (Love of my Heart) - voice + piano: F (c'-e")

Helg yn Dreain (Hunt the Wren) - voice + piano: F (f'-d")

Hop-tu-naa - voice + piano: 1st version from Castletown, A (e'-c#"), 2nd version from Baldwin, G (g'-e")

Illiam Dhone (Brown William) - voice + piano: Bb (f'-f")

Inneenyn Irrinnee (Farmer's Daughter) - voice + piano: A minor (d'-e")

Isbal Foalsay (False Isabel) - C instrument + piano accompaniment

Jemmy as Nancy (Jemmy & Nancy) - piano, + 2nd version C instrument unaccompanied

Juan-y-Jaggad-Keear - voice + piano: G (e'-c")

Keayrt va mee aeg - piano + words (2 staves)

Kiark Katreeny Marroo (Katherine's Hen is Dead) - voice + piano: Eb (eb'-eb")

Lullaby - C instrument + piano

Mannin Veg Veen (Dear Little Isle of Man) - voice + piano: A minor (e'-e")

Marish ny Fiddleryn - voice + piano: Eb (bb-f")

Marrinys yn Tiger (Voyage of the Tiger) - voice + piano: A minor (d'-e")

Mraane Kilkenny - voice + piano: A (e'-e")

My Caillin Veg Dhone (My Little Brown Girl) - voice + piano: F minor (f'-f")

My Graih, nagh baare dooin (My Love, had we not better) - C instrument + piano accompaniment

My Henn Ghooinney Mie (My Good Old Man) - voice + piano: C (c'-f")

Mylechraine - voice + piano: 1st version, Bb (bb-f"), & 2nd version arr. James B. Nicholson, B minor (b-f#")

Ny Kirree fo Niaghtey (The Sheep under the Snow) - voice + piano: G minor (c'-f")

Shegin Dooin (We Must) - C instrument + piano accompaniment

Skeeyley Breeshey (Bride Parish) - voice + piano: D (c''-e")

Snieu, wheeyl, snieu - voice + piano: F (f'-d")

Ta mee nish keayney (I am now lamenting) - voice + piano: A minor (d'-e")

Tappagyn Jiargey (Red Top-Knots) - voice + piano: G (d'-e")

Three Eeasteyryn Boghtey - voice + piano: C minor (c'-eb")

Thurot as Elliott (Thurot & Elliott) - voice + piano: G (d'-e")

Ushag veg ruy (Little red bird) - voice + piano: G (d'-d")

Ushtay millish 'sy Garee (Sweet water in the Common) - voice + piano: Eb (eb'-eb")

Yn Bollan Bane (The White Wort) version 1 - piano

Yn Bollan Bane (The White Wort) version 2 - voice + piano: C (c'-e")

Yn Coayl jeh ny Baatyn-Skeddan (The Loss of the Herring-Boats) - voice + piano: D (d'-e") + 2nd version melody only: Ab (eb'-eb")

Yn Eirey Cronk yn Ollee - C instrument unaccompanied

Yn Graidher Jouylagh (The Demon Lover) - piano + words (2 staves)

Yn Shenn Dolphin - piano

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