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Ridout - Concerto for Treble Recorder

Ridout - Concerto for Treble Recorder

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"My Concerto for Recorder, Strings and Percussion was commissioned for Evelyn Nallen and the Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra and composed in 1979. I was much absorbed by composing concertante works at the time and in fact wrote six concertos that year, each involving a wind instrument. Writing a concerto for recorder is not very easy. With a working range of about an octave-and-a-half it is difficult to give a feeling of virtuosity and with such a small sound the player can easily be swamped by the band. Yet it is a work of which I am very fond. As with a lot of my music it is a portrait of the dedicatee and the three movements aim to reveal different sides to her enchanting personality." - Alan Ridout, Canterbury, 1992

Piano reduction by Robert Scott: Emerson, 1991. Set for Trinity Music Certificate: Recorder Advanced (complete or 2 contrasting movements)

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