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Tanner - Creature Comforts - flute + piano

Tanner - Creature Comforts - flute + piano

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15 animal-inspired pieces for flute & piano accompaniment by Mark Tanner: includes a CD of full performances & backing tracks. Grade 1-3 standard. Spartan Press, 2011. Set for ABRSM Examination 2022 onwards Flute Grade 1 (List C: Pelican from Heligan, The) & Trinity Examinations Jazz Flute 2022 onwards Flute Grade 1 (Slothful Sloth, The), Grade 2 (Blu Gnu) & Grade 3 (Fish can Whistle, A). 

Blu Gnu

Cormorant High

Crocodile Tears

Fish can Whistle, A

Gerbil's Great Escape

Meerkat Market

Mousehole Rat, The

My Camel's got the Hump

Mysterious Affair at Badger's Cross, The

One Leg fell off my Donkey

Pelican from Heligan, The

Slothful Sloth, The


There's a Black Widow on my Banana

Your Weasel's got Measles

Tags: Flute Grade 2; Flute Grade 3

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