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Music through Time Book 3 (Grades 3-4) - Hall, Pauline & Harris, Paul

Music through Time Book 3 (Grades 3-4) - Hall, Pauline & Harris, Paul

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Music Through Time is an exciting series of instrumental repertoire books designed to provide young musicians with enjoyable, interesting & stimulating material in the early stages of their playing career. The contents of each volume are arranged chronologically, and each piece is accompanied by short notes which place the music in its wider historical context so that the student can more easily relate the style of the music to its period.

This is the third volume in the series, suitable for pianists working at Grades 3-4 level.

Allegretto - Burgmuller

Allemande - Bach, W.F.

Andante - Haydn

Cheese Cake Walk - Draper, Art

Clockwork Toys - Delibes

Come Along Sam - Curwen, Annie

Hornpipe - Purcell, Daniel

Impromptu - Gurlitt

Largo - Dvorak

Legend - Czerny

Les Echos - Mozart, W.A.

Little Waltz - Kaganov, Genari

Menuetto - Beethoven

Minuet - Boccherini

My Homeland - Grieg

Myrtillia - Arne

Nocturne - Harris, Paul

Old Wheelbarrow, The - Seal, Hugh

On Horseback - Grechaninov

Presto - Wesley, Samuel

Rigaudon - Babell

Sonatina - Elgar

Sonatina - Goedicke

Tower Hill - Farnaby

Trumpet Voluntary - Bennett, John

Trumpets, The - Lang, C.S.

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