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Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

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Trinity's collection of musical theatre songs for young singers of Grades 4-5 standard, edited by John Gardyne & Luisa Horrocks & arranged for voice + piano accompaniment + chord indications, + backing CD. English lyrics only. Set for Trinity Examinations 2023 onwards Singing Grade 3 (Group A: Feed the Birds), Grade 4 (Group A: Les Poissons or Something Good) & Grade 5 (Group A: Over the Rainbow or Reviewing the Situation or My Defences are Down or I want to go home or Legally Blonde or My Ship or Only Love).

Beautiful [Mort]: Eb (bb-eb") - Haslam

Feed the Birds [Mary Poppins]: G (g-d") - Sherman

I Can Hear the Bells [Hairspray]: F (a-c") - Shaiman

I Love Paris [Can-Can]: C minor (c'-e") - Porter

I Want to go Home [Big]: C (bb-e") - Maltby & Shire

Legally Blonde: G (g-d") - O'Keefe & Benjamin

Les Poissons [Little Mermaid, The]: C (e'-d") - Menken

My Defences are Down [Annie Get Your Gun]: Bb (c-eb") - Berlin

My Ship [Lady in the Dark]: F (c'-f") - Weill

Notice Me, Horton [Seussical the Musical]: C (g-f") - Flaherty

Only Love [Scarlet Pimpernel, The]: Ab (b-e") - Wildhorn

Over the Rainbow [Wizard of Oz, The]: Eb (c'-f")

Reviewing the Situation [Oliver!]: F minor (c'-f") - Bart

Something Good [Sound of Music, The]: F (b-c") - Rodgers

Warts and All [Honk!]: D (a-f") - Stiles

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