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Strauss, R - Lieder vol.1

Strauss, R - Lieder vol.1

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Richard Strauss's songs are published by UE in 4 volumes, each available for high, medium or low voice with piano accompaniment with German & English lyrics. This is Vol.1 for high voice. Set for Trinity Examination 2023 Singing Grade 8 (Group C: Morgen) & Trinity Music Certificate: Singing Advanced (Group C: Die Nacht or Meinem Kinde) & ATCL (Zueignung & Du meines Herzens Kronelein) & DipABRSM & ARSM (Soprano: Du meines Herzens Kronelein) & LRSM (Soprano: Meinem Kinde) & FRSM (Fur funfzehn Pfennige).

Ach weh mir ungluckhaftem Mann / Ah, woe is me, unhappy man op.21 no.4: E minor (c#'-a")

Die Georgine / The Georgina op.10 no.4: E minor (b-a")

Die Nacht / Night op.10 no.3: D (c#'-g")

Du meines Herzens Kronelein / Pride of my Heart op.21 no.2: Gb (db'-gb")

Fruhlingsgedrange / Voices of Spring op.26 no.1: E (f#'-a")

Fur funfzehn Pfennige / And all for half a crown op.36 no.2: G (b-b")

Ich liebe dich / I love but thee op.37 no.2: Eb (c#'-bb")

Meinem Kinde / To my Baby op.37 no.3: G (d'-g")

Morgen / Tomorrow op.27 no.4: G (f#'-g")

Wozu noch Madchen / Say, wherefore, vainly op.19 no.1: D minor (f'-a")

Zueignung / Devotion op.10 no.1: C (e'-a")

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