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Berg - Seven Early Songs

Berg - Seven Early Songs

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These 7 songs by Alban Berg were composed during the years 1905-08, when he was studying with Arnold Schoenberg, & 3 of them were first performed publicly 7/11/1907 in a concert of Schoenberg's students. High voice + piano accompaniment, German & English lyrics: UE, 1928. Set for Trinity Examination 2023 onwards Singing Grade 8 (Group C: Die Nachtigall) & DipABRSM & ARSM (Soprano: Die Nachtigall) & ATCL (Sommertage) & LTCL (Nacht)

Die Nachtigall / The Nightingale: D (c#'-a")

Im Zimmer / Indoors: Bb (d'-g")

Liebesode / Lovers' Ode: F# minor (c'-f#")

Nacht / Night: F# minor (c'-g#")

Schilflied / Song amongst the reeds: F minor (eb'-f")

Sommertage / Summer Days: C minor (c#'-a")

Traumgekront / Crown of Dreams, A: G minor (c'-g")

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