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Harlequin: 44 Songs round the year

Harlequin: 44 Songs round the year

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A calendar of sparkling songs for the months, seasons and celebrations of the primary school year, ed. Beatrice Harrop and David Gadsby for A.C.Black. Set out on 2 staves + guitar chords & some percussion suggestions: includes a singalong CD of all the piano accompaniments. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 1 (List A: English Country Garden) & Grade 2 (List C: Umbrella Man, The)

April: Bb (d'-d") - Favell

April fool: C (c'-d") - Lewis

Birthday round: G (d'-d") - Hauptmann

Can you hear?: D (d'-d") - Lawton

Caterpillars only crawl: D (a-d") - Charlton

Chinatown dragon: F (c'-d") - Reeve

Christmas is joyful: G (d'-c") - Croker

Cowboy spring: D (b-b') - Poston

Cuckoo! Cuckoo!: F (c'-d") - Trad. Italian

Days of the Months: G (d'-c") - Shaw

Each day different: D (a-b') - Lewis


English Country Garden: C (c'-d") - Trad. arr. Jordan

Fifth of November, The: G (d'-e") - Southam

Fog: D minor (d'-d") - Scunthorpe Teachers' Centre

Halloween's coming: E minor (e'-e") - Getts, ed.

Hanukah: C (d'-c") - Trad. Jewish

Harvest: G (d'-c") - Bird

Ho! Jack Frost: D (d'-d") - Kern

Holiday in Spain, A: A minor (e'-e") - Reaks

I can see cherries / Let's collect conkers: G (d'-d") - Blankenstein

I think I've caught a cold: D (d'-a') - Gosling

It happens each spring: G (d'-d") - Scunthorpe Teachers' Centre

January: D (d'-d") - Fitch

May morning: F (c'-d") - Trad.

Mix a pancake: G (d'-d") - Wood

My Easter bonnet: D (d'-d") - Wood

North wind, The: G (d'-d") - Warner

Paint-box: D (d'-d") - Mitchell

Poppies dance in the cornfield: F (c'-c") - Trad. Flemish

Pull the cracker - BANG!: F (c'-d") - York

Pussy willow: D (c#'-d") - Trad. French

Rain song, The: F (c'-d") - Coombes

Roller skating: D (c#'-d") - Southam

Shrove Tuesday: D (d'-d") - Trad. Somerset arr. Tongue

Sledging: G minor (f#'-d") - Trad. Russian arr. Wood

Snowdrop bells: F (e'-b') - Neuville

Snowflakes: C (c'-c") - Wood

Spooky: D minor (d'-d") - Mitchell

Spring has sprung: C (c'-d") - Lewis

Take me to the seaside: C (d'-g") - Leaper

Umbrella Man, The: C (b-d") - Rose, Stock & Cavanaugh

Valentine questions: D (d'-d") - Vandervere

Winter rain: G (f#'-d") - Shaw

Wonderful weather: D (c'-d") - Scunthorpe Teachers' Centre

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