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I'll Be Seeing You: Songs of World War II

I'll Be Seeing You: Songs of World War II

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38 favourite songs from the 1940s arranged for voice, piano accompaniment + guitar chords. IMP, 1979 / Faber: English lyrics only unless listed otherwise. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 3 (List C: There'll Be Bluebirds Over the White Cliffs of Dover) & Grade 4 (List C: We'll Meet Again)

Army, the Navy and the Air Force, The: F (c'-f") - Darewski & Lockton

Bless 'Em All: Bb (d'-c") - Hughes

Comin' in on a Wing and a Prayer: F (c'-d") McHugh

Coming Home: F (c'-c") - Reid

Goodbye Sally: Eb (bb-f") - Roscoe & Borelli

Hey! Little Hen!: F (c'-d") - Butler & Gay

Home Sweet Home Again: Bb (c'-d") - Prisker

Homecoming Waltz, The: Eb (eb'-eb") - Musel

I'll Be Seeing You [Right This Way]: Eb (c'-eb"/g") - Fain

If I Had My Way: C (c'-e"/f") - Kendis

I'll Never Smile Again: Eb (c'-eb") - Lowe

I'm Gonna Get Lit Up (When The Lights go up In London): C (b-e") - Gregg

Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major: C (c'-d") - Noel & Pelosi

Lilli Marlene: C (c'-d") - Schultze

Ma, I Miss Your Apple Pie: C (b-e") - Lombardo & Loeb

My Guy's Come Back: C (c'-c") - Powell

My Prayer: F (c'-f") - Boulanger

Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, A [New Faces]: Eb (bb-eb") - Sherwin

Now is the Hour: G (f'-c") - Scott - English & Maori lyrics

Nursie! Nursie!: C (b-d") - Noel & Pelosi

Only Forever: G (b-d") - Monaco

Pair of Silver Wings, A: Eb (bb-d") - Carr

Paper Doll: F (c'-e") - Black

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition: G (d'-d") - Loesser

Quartermaster's Stores, The: F (c'-c") - Box

Roll Me Over: G (d'-d") - O'Connor

Roll Out the Barrel: C / F (c'-f") - Vejvoda

Run, Rabbit Run: C (g-c") - Gay

Russian Rose: D minor (b-f") - Miller & Charles

Sailor with the Navy Blue Eyes, The: Eb (c'-f") - Taylor, Mizzy & Hoffmann

Somewhere in France with You: F (c'-d"/f") - Carr

That Lovely Weekend: Eb (bb-eb") - Heath

There'll Always be an England: F (c'-f") - Parker

There'll be Bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover: Eb (eb'-eb") - Kent

There's a Boy Coming Home on Leave: G (d'-e") - Kennedy

(We're gonna hang out) the Washing on the Siegfried Line: Bb (b-eb") - Carr

We'll Meet Again: G (c#'-d") - Parker

When They Sound the Last All Clear: Bb (e'-eb") - Charles

Yours (Quiéreme Mucho): Eb (d'-eb") - Roig

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