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Singing Sherlock Book 2

Singing Sherlock Book 2

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The complete singing resource for primary schools. ages 7 to 11, ed. Val Whitlock & Shirley Court, for voice (s) + piano (some pieces unaccompanied, some in multiple parts, marked as such - otherwise accompanied solo voice), + backing CD : B&H, 2002. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2016 onwards Singing Grade 1 (List B: Together) Grade 2 (List B: Roller Ghoster - upper part - & List C: Something Spooky). NB slightly rubbed cover, so reduced from RRP of £33.99

Africa!: D (d'-b') - pupils of Butts County Primary School arr. Norton

Coffee Pots - Weston & Lee (unaccompanied chant)

Crash Beep Beep - trad. (unaccompanied chant)

Creatures of the Deep: E minor (d'-e") - Simmons (SA)

Down in the Jungle: G (b-e") - trad. arr. Redding & Lee (SSA unaccompanied)

Grandma, Grandma - trad. (unaccompanied chant)

Haunted House - Umansky (unaccompanied chant)

Heads and Shoulders Baby: C (c'-c") - trad. unaccompanied

Hine Ma Tov: D minor (c'-d") - Naplan (SA)

Jack Frost: D minor (d'-d") - Marsh (unaccompanied)

John Kanakanaka: F (f'-c") - trad. unaccompanied

Kids! [Bye Bye Birdie]: C (d'-d") - Strouse

Last-minute Calypso: G (c#'-d") - Marsh (SA)

Left, Left - trad. (unaccompanied chant)

Lickety Split - Umansky (unaccompanied chant)

Magic Travel Machine, The: G (c'-c") - MacGregor

Maleezweh: G (d'-e") - trad. arr. Lawrence (unaccompanied)

Many Shades of Blue: F (c'-c") - Williams

Moving On Up: D (b-d") - Lawrence

My Dog: G (g'-b') - trad. arr. Lawrence

Pop Idol: F (c'-d") - Simmons (SSA)

Roller Ghoster: C (c'-d") - Simmons (SA)

Shadow: G (b-c") - Marsh (SSA)

Si, Si, Si: D (d'-d") - trad. Congolese (unaccompanied)

Something Spooky: G minor (d'-d") - Marsh

Step Back Baby: C (d'-g') - trad. unaccompanied

Times Must Be Changing: C (c'-d") - Simmons (SA)

Tina Singu: G (d'-d") - trad. Basutoland arr. Abrams (SA unaccompanied)

Together: F (c'-e") - Marsh

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