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Irish Folk Tunes for Descant Recorder - Bowman, ed.

Irish Folk Tunes for Descant Recorder - Bowman, ed.

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Peter Bowman's edition of 63 Irish tunes for unaccompanied descant (soprano) recorder: includes chord indications + online backing tracks access. Schott, 2014. Contains notes on the tunes & playing techniques: lyrics not included. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2022 onwards Descant Recorder Grade 4 (List B: Lament, A)

Adieu ye Young Men of Claudy Green - trad., County Londonderry

Banks of Banna, The [Calliope, 1788] - trad

Blackbird and the Thrush, The - trad., The Cladagh

Blackbird, The {Hornpipe} - trad

Boil the Breakfast Early {Reel} - trad., County Munster

Boys of Ballynahinch, The {Reel} - trad., County Down

Carolan's Favourite Jig - O'Carolan (attrib.)

Cherish the Ladies {Jig} - trad., County Munster

Cockles and Mussels - trad

Come Haste to the Wedding {Jig} - trad

Come Rest on this Bosom (Lough Sheelin Eviction) - trad

Country Girl's Fortune, The {Reel} - trad., Connemara

Cutting of the Hay, The {Polka} - trad

Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) - trad

Dear to Me the Big Jug - trad., Connaught

Dermot - trad

Drink of this Cup - trad

Early in the Morning - trad., County Cavan

Ewe with the Crooked Horn, The {Reel / Hornpipe} - trad., County Cork / County Donegal / Scotland

Flower of Young Maidens {Polka} - trad

Frost is all Over, The {Jig} - trad., County Armagh

Goroum, The {Reel} - trad

Hornpipe - trad

Hornpipe - trad

I'm an Irishman from Monaghan (North Country Man Born) - trad

Irish Washerwoman, The {Jig} - trad

Iverk Love Song, An - trad

Jig, A - trad

Kate Kearney - trad., Killarney

Kerry Star, The - trad

Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel(s) (Bruisus, The) {Reel} - trad

Lament, A - O'Finn

Last Night's Funeral {Reel} - trad., County Munster

Let Hoary Time {Jig} [Scrap Book of 1000 March Tunes] - Alexander, ed.

Lough Allen {Reel} - trad. County Leitrim

March and Jig - trad., County Clare

Mill Stream, The {Reel} - trad., County Cork

Molly on the Shore {Reel} - trad., County Cork

Mountains of Mourne, The - trad

Munster Reel - trad

Murphey's Hornpipe - trad

My Lover is Fled, My Heart is Sore - trad

O'Carolan's Farewell to Music - O'Carolan

Peeler's Jacket, The (Flannel Jacket) {Reel} - trad., County Munster / County Limerick

Planxty Edward Corcoran - O'Carolan

Planxty George Brabazon (1st & 2nd Settings) - O'Carolan

Planxty Maggie Browne - O'Carolan

Planxty O'Rourke - O'Carolan

Poll Ha'Penny {Hornpipe} - trad

Rakes of Mallow, The {Reel} - trad., County Cork

Reel - trad., County Clare

Rose Tree, The {Polka} - trad

Shanavest and Corovoth, The {Hornpipe} - trad

Sheela na Guira - trad

Single Reel - trad

Star of the County Down - trad

Take Her Out and Air Her {Reel} - trad., County Cork

Temple Hill {Reel} - trad., County Cork

Toss the Feathers {Reel} - trad., County Clare

When Irish Eyes are Smiling - Ball, Ernest

Woman and Twenty of Them, A - trad., Arranmore

Wood's Lamentation - O'Carolan

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