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15 American Art Songs - High or Low Voice

15 American Art Songs - High or Low Voice

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15 American Art Songs for either High [or Low] voice features an excellent selection of songs by Barber, Duke, Ives, Niles, Schuman, and other American composers. Solo voice + piano accompaniment, English lyrics only: includes access to recorded audio accompaniments online.

Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 6 (List C: Barber- Daisies, The or Duke or Rich) & Grade 8 (List C: Barber - Sure on this Shining Night) & Trinity Examinations 2023 onwards Singing Grade 5 (Group B: Barber - Daisies, The) & Grade 8 (Group B: Hageman) & Trinity Music Certificate: Singing Foundation (Niles)

High voice key / pitch given first below

Barber - Crucifixion, The: both C (d'-f"); Daisies, The: F (c'-f") / D (a-d"); Monk & his Cat, The: both F (d'-e"); Sure on this Shining Night: Bb (d'-g") / G (b'-e")

Bowles, Paul – Cabin: C (e'-e") / A (c#'-c#") ; Heavenly Grass: C (b-e") / Bb (a-d")

Chanler, Theodore – Lamb, The: Bb (d'-eb") / Ab (c'-d")

Charles, Ernest - When I Have Sung My Songs: F (d'-g") / Db (bb-eb")

Duke, John - Loveliest of Trees: Ab (eb'-f") / F (c'-d")

Hageman, Richard - Do Not Go, My Love: F# minor (d'-g#") / D minor (b-eb")

Ives - Serenity (O Sabbath rest of Galilee): both C (g'-e")

Niles, John Jacob - Lass from the Low Countree, The: F (d'-f") / D (b-d")

Rich - American Lullaby: F (c'-f") / D (a-d")

Roy, William - This Little Rose: F (e'-f") / C (b-c")

Schuman, William - Orpheus with his Lute: F (c'-f#") / D (a-d#")

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