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Favourite Folk Songs for the Beginner Bassoonist - Ramsey, ed.

Favourite Folk Songs for the Beginner Bassoonist - Ramsey, ed.

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22 of the UK's best known national songs arranged for Grade 1-3 standard bassoon + piano accompaniment by Patricia Ramsey. Spartan, 1999. Set for Trinity Examinations 2022 onwards Bassoon Grade 1 (Group A: Vicar of Bray, The or My Love's an Arbutus), Grade 2 (Group A: All Through the Night or Kelvin Grove) & Grade 3 (Group A: Flight of the Earls, The or Ye Banks and Braes)

Afton Water - Trad. Scottish

A-Hunting We Will Go - Trad. English

All Through the Night (Ar Hyd y Nos) - Trad. Welsh

As Slow our Ship - Trad. Irish

Campbells are Comin', The - Trad. Scottish

David of the White Rock (Dafydd y Garreg Wen) - Trad. Welsh

Dove, The (Deryn Pur, Y) - Trad. Welsh

Early One Morning - Trad. English

Flight of the Earls, The - Trad. Irish

Happy Clown, The - Trad. English

Harp that once thro' Tara's Halls, The - Trad. Irish

John Peel - Trad. English

Jolly Miller, The - Trad. English

Kelvin Grove - Trad. Scottish

Leezie Lindsay - Trad. Scottish

Let Now the Harp - Trad. Welsh

Minstrel Boy, The - Trad. Irish

My Love's an Arbutus - Trad. Irish

Robin Adair - Trad. Scottish

Song of the Western Men - Trad. Cornish

Vicar of Bray, The - Trad. English

Ye Banks And Braes - Trad. Scottish

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