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Flute Player's Companion, The - Book 1

Flute Player's Companion, The - Book 1

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55 melodic exercises, studies & duets from the 18th-19th centuries compiled & edited by Edward Blakeman for easy-intermediate level solo flute (including 6 duets). Set for ABRSM Examination 2022 onwards Flute Grade 3 (List A: no.23, Leplus - Study in D minor) & Trinity Examinations 2022 onwards Flute Grade 2 (Group B: no.8, Demersseman - Air Hollandais) & Grade 3 (Group B: no.10, Demersseman - Mélodie Polonaise).

Andersen - Andantino in C (no.14); Moderato in C (no.50); Moderato in C minor (no.51)

Berbiguier - Prestissimo in Bb minor (no.38)

Camus - Alla Polaca (no.52); Mouvement de Valse (no.16); Valse (no.37); Valse Viennoise (no.36)

Demersseman - Air Hollandais (no.8); Air Irlandais (no.6); Allegro in A (no.47); Berceuse Originale (no.9); Chanson Russe (no.25); Chanson Serbe (no.26); Chant Badois (no.7); La Tyrolienne (no.27); Mélodie Polonaise (no.10); Melodie Populaire Allemande (no.5); Tarantelle Napolitaine (no.46)

Devienne - Adagio in A (no.19: duet); Allegretto in B minor (no.54: duet); Allegretto in D (no.55: duet); Allegro in D (no.40: duet); Grazioso in D (no.18: duet); Presto in F# minor (no.39: duet)

Dorus - 4 studies in C (nos.1-4)

Drouet - Adagio in C minor (no.15)

Gariboldi - Allegretto in Db (no.35); Allegro Vivo in Ab (no.53); Andantino in F (no.17)]

Hotteterre - Allegretto in A minor (no.29); Allegretto in E (no.31); Allegretto in E minor (no.28); Allegretto in F minor (no.32); Andante in B minor (no.30)

Kohler - Farewell (no.13); Swing, The (no.34)

Leplus - Allegro in G (no.24); Andante maestoso in D (no.12); Quai Presto (Study) in D minor (no.23)

Pares - Andante in G (no.11); Fanfare (no.41); Moderato in G minor (no.42)

Quantz / Frederick the Great - Allegretto in B minor (no.22); Allegretto in C (no.45); Allegretto in C minor (no.44); Allegro in A (no.43); Allegro in D (no.20); Allegro in E minor (no.21)

Soussmann - Allegretto in E minor (no.33); Allegro in A minor (no.48); Mazurka (no.49)

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