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Chester's Easiest - Songs of the British Isles - Barratt, arr.

Chester's Easiest - Songs of the British Isles - Barratt, arr.

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18 traditional & well-loved songs of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales arranged by Carol Barratt to sit comfortably under the hands of the young pianist: suitable for all players of Grade One Plus standard.

All Through the Night (Ar hyd y Nos) - trad. Welsh arr. Barratt

Annie Laurie - trad. Scottish arr. Barratt

Ash Grove, The (Llwyn Onn) - trad. Welsh arr. Barratt

Auld Lang Syne - trad. Scottish arr. Barratt

Barbara Allen - trad. English arr. Barratt

Blow Away the Morning Dew - trad. English arr. Barratt

Blue Bell of Scotland, The - trad. Scottish arr. Barratt

Cockles and Mussels - trad. Irish arr. Barratt

David of the White Rock (Dafydd y Garreg Wen) - trad. Welsh arr. Barratt

Drink to me only - trad. English arr. Barratt

Early One Morning - trad. English arr. Barratt

Gypsy Laddie, The - trad. Scottish arr. Barratt

Harp That Once, The - trad. Irish arr. Barratt

Land of my Fathers (Hen Wlad fy Nhadau) - James arr. Barratt

Londonderry Air - trad. Irish arr. Barratt

Scarborough Fair - trad. English arr. Barratt

When I was a Tailor - trad. English arr. Barratt

Will Ye No Come Back Again? - trad. Scottish arr. Barratt

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