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Wedgwood - Easy Jazzin' About The Year - piano

Wedgwood - Easy Jazzin' About The Year - piano

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A musical journey through the seasons with Pam Wedgwood's Easy Jazzin' About the Year (Grades 1-2 standard). This 2016 book in the hugely successful Jazzin' About series from Faber offers a fabulous assortment of original & favourite jazzy tunes on themes including Seasons, Festivals and Special Days. Includes a CD of demo tracks.

Auld Lang Syne - Trad. Scottish arr. Wedgwood

Belly Dancer - Wedgwood

Bonfire Boogie - Wedgwood

Dance of the Dragons - Wedgwood

Diwali is Here! - Wedgwood

Easter Bunny Hop - Wedgwood

Face at the Window, The - Wedgwood

Fading Light - Wedgwood

Falling Leaves - Wedgwood

Fiesta Time - Wedgwood

Frozen - Wedgwood

Ghost of Candlewick Hall, The - Wedgwood

Granny Smith's Old Apple Tree - Wedgwood

Golden Light on the Water - Wedgwood

Gunpowder Plot, The - Wedgwood

Happy Birthday to You - Hill arr. Wedgwood

Happy Hanukkah - Wedgwood

He Has Risen - Wedgwood

Holiday Hopscotch - Wedgwood

I'm Going Crackers! - Wedgwood

In a Fog! - Wedgwood

Jazzin' About with a Pancake - Wedgwood

Journey to Mecca - Wedgwood

Last Tango for Turkey - Wedgwood

Leaves Turning Brown - Wedgwood

Let the Bells Ring Out (Jingle Bells) - Pierpont arr. Wedgwood

Let's Celebrate and be Joyful - Wedgwood

Mama's Melody - Wedgwood

Mistletoe Mystery, The - Wedgwood

Mrs. Mop has a Spring Clean - Wedgwood

Not-So Silent Night, A - Gruber arr. Wedgwood

Pumpkins on Parade - Wedgwood

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Marks arr. Wedgwood

Simple Prayer (for Diwali) - Wedgwood

Snowbound - Wedgwood

Sparkler - Wedgwood

Spinning - Wedgwood

Spring [Four Seasons, The] - Vivaldi arr. Wedgwood

Spring Interlude - Wedgwood

Sumer is Icumen In - Wedgwood (NB not English trad. tune)

Summer Surfing - Wedgwood

Swinging Monkeys - Wedgwood

Tide Coming In - Wedgwood

Tide Going Out - Wedgwood

Waltz of the Witches - Wedgwood

We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Trad. English arr. Wedgwood

When Santa got Stuck up the Chimney - Grafton arr. Wedgwood

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