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Chopin - Polonaises

Chopin - Polonaises

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Chopin's 16 Polonaises for solo piano, Henle Urtext Edition. Set for LRSM (op.61), ATCL (op.26 nos.1 or 2 or op.40 no.2) & LTCL (opp. 44, 53 or 61).

Op.26 no.1 in C# minor

Op.26 no.2 in Eb minor

Op.40 no. 1 in A

Op.40 no.2 in C minor

Op.44 in F# minor

Op.53 in Ab

Op.61 in Ab (Polonaise-Fantaisie)

Op.71 no.1 in D minor

Op.71 no.2 in Bb

Op.71 no.3 in F minor (Fassung nach dem Autograph and Fassung nach Fontana)

KK IIa no.1 in G minor

KK IVa no.1 in Bb

KK IVa no.2 in Ab

KK IVa no.3 in G# minor

KK IVa no.5 in Bb minor

KK IVa no.8 in Gb

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