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100 Best Short Songs - Book 2

100 Best Short Songs - Book 2

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This classic collection of 100 songs from Paterson is divided into 4 volumes - books 1 & 2 for high voice + piano accompaniment, books 3 & 4 for low voice + piano accompaniment, all with English lyrics only. Set for ABRSM Examination 2018 onwards Singing Grade 5 (List A: Arne - Where the Bee Sucks) & Trinity Music Certificate: Singing Intermediate (Group C: Haydn)

Book 2:

Arne - When Daisies Pied [As You Like It]: F (c'-f"); Where the Bee Sucks [Tempest, The]: F (c'-f")

Brahms - Cradle Song (Wiegenlied): Eb (eb'-eb"); Pretty Swallow (Liebe Schwalbe): D minor (c#'-f#"); Sapphic Ode (Sapphische Ode) op.94 no.4: F (c'-f")

Caccini - Amaryllis: A minor (e'-f#")

Campion - There is a Garden: Ab (eb'-f")

Dowland - Come Again, Sweet Love: A (e'-f#")

Franz - I Heard the Rose (Es hat die Rose): Db (db'-f"); Lo! He Has Come (Er ist gekommen): Ab (eb'-f")

Haydn - My Mother Bids Me Bind My Hair: A (e'-e")

Jones - Go to Bed, Sweet Muse: G minor (d'-f")

Morley - It was a Lover and his Lass [As You Like It]: F (f'-f")

Purcell - Nymphs and Shepherds: F (c'-f")

Rosa - To Be Near Thee (Star Vicino): A (e'-e")

Rubinstein - Dew Glistens Bright, The (Es blinkt der tau): F (e'-g")

Schubert - Call of the Wood, The (Schlummerlied): F (c'-f"); Laughing and Weeping (Lachen und Weinen): Ab (eb'-gb"); Wanderer's Night Song (Wanderers Nachtlied): Bb (f'-f"); Who is Sylvia? [Two Gentleman of Verona, The]: A (e'-f#")

Schumann - Dedication (Widmung): Ab (b-gb"); Moonlight (Mondnacht]: E (e'-f#"); Thy Face (Dein Angesicht): Eb (d'-gb"); Walnut Tree, The (Nussbaum, Der): G (d'-f#")

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