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ABRSM Piano Prep Test

ABRSM Piano Prep Test

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The ABRSM Piano Prep Test has been specially designed to be taken by pianists who have been playing for a few terms. Built into it are the sorts of skills they will be developing at this stage, such as a sense of pitch and rhythm, controlled and even playing, accuracy and quality of tone. This book contains all that the player will need to sit the test, explaining how each part will help in the development of their musical skills and giving advice on what the examiner will be looking for. This updated edition for 2017 onwards has exciting new pieces, easy to follow instructions, listening games and entertaining illustrations. For the first time, it includes duets as well as solo pieces. All 3 of the pieces marked * are to be played from memory in the exam, then 1 of each from the 1st & 2nd sections

Cracking open a nut*


Jelly Wobble - Iles, Nikki (duet) - 2nd section

My Brass Band - Bullard, Alan (duet) - 2nd section

On a bike - Norton, Christopher - 1st section

Summer Fair - Scott-Burt, Nicholas - 1st section

Swinging through the trees*

Train ride - Watts, Sarah - 1st section

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