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Someone's Singing, Lord - voice & piano

Someone's Singing, Lord - voice & piano

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59 tried and tested songs - tuneful hymns and songs on thought-provoking subjects - perfect for assemblies and Sunday schools. Voice / piano & chord indications, + backing CD.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and zero (Journey to the Moon, A) - Harper, Don

All the flowers are waking - Barnard, Eric G.

All things which live below the sky (Rodmell) - Trad. English

At half past three we go home for tea - Cook, M.R.

Can you count the stars? (Trefaenan) - Williams, J.Lloyd

Come, let us remember the joys of the town - 1st Tune: St Denio, Welsh Hymn Melody (Immortal, invisible). 2nd Tune: Trad.Thuringian

Farmer comes to scatter the seed, The (Anthony Roly) - Trad. English

Father, we thank you for the night (Margaret L) - Westcott, G.C

Flowers that grow in the garden, The - Trad. Swedish

For all the strength we have - 1st Tune: Trad. French (Zachary). 2nd Tune: Trad. English Carol (Sandys).

Give to us eyes - Harper, Don

God bless the grass - Reynolds, Malvina

God who put the stars in space (Harpers) - Westcott, G.C.

Golden cockerel, The - Trad. English

Hands to work and feet to run (Cino Tatnep) – Westcott, G.C.

He gave me eyes so I could see (He made me) - Pinnock, Alan

Hurray for Jesus (Welcome Song, A) - Oswin

I danced in the morning (Lord of the Dance) - Carter, Sydney

I have seen the golden sunshine (Friend of Jesus) - Chester and Litchfield.

I love God's tiny creatures (Southrepps) - Pope, Roger H.

I love the sun – Smith, Gwen F.

If I had a hammer - Hays & Seeger

I'm glad of God - Pullen, Alice M.

In the early morning (Gamble) - Shaw, M

Ink is black, the page is white, The - Robinson, Earl

It fell upon a summer day (Childhood) - Stanford

Jesus' hands were kind hands (Au clair de la lune) - Trad. French

Journey of life, The (Follow my leader) - Collison, V

Kum ba yah - Trad. West Indian

Little birds in winter time - 1st Tune: Byrne, Norah. 2nd Tune: Trad. English (St. Issey).

Little tiny bird, A (Froebel) - Muller

Look for signs that summer's done - Harper, Don

Look out for loneliness - Harper, Don

Lord, I love to stamp and shout – Fraser, Ian

Milk bottle tops and paper bags – Harper, Don

Morning has broken (Bunessan) - Trad. Scottish

Now Jesus one day (Jesus & Peter) - Oswin

O Jesus, we are well and strong (Solothurn) - Trad. Swiss

O Lord! Shout for joy! - Trad. Spiritual.

Over the earth is a mat of green - Trad. Scottish, arr.Wiseman

Praise to God for things we see - Finlay, Kenneth G.

See how the snowflakes are falling - Trad. German carol

Stand up, clap hands, shout thank you Lord – Forrest, Alan.

Sun that shines across the sea, The - Trad. Dutch

Think of a world without any flowers (Genesis) – Westcott, G.C.

Think, think on these things - Harper, Don

This is a lovely world (Ludlow) – Palmer, Jane

To God who makes all lovely things (Daniel) - Trad. Irish

Twinkle, twinkle, little star - 1st Tune: Westcott, G.C. (Glyn) 2nd Tune: Smith, Joseph (Innocents)

We have a king who rides a donkey (What shall we do with the drunken sailor?) - Trad.

We praise you for the sun (Ceres) - Paisello, based on an old English air.

We're going home - Harper, Don

When a knight won his spurs (Stowey) - Trad. English

When I needed a neighbour - Carter, Sydney

When lamps are lighted in the town (Ballerina) - Barthelemon

When the corn is planted (Worship) - Mann, A.H.

Who built the ark? - Johnson, J.R.

Who can see the great wind blow? (Halvergate) - Wylam, A.R.B.

Who's that sitting in the sycamore tree? - Oswin

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