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Best of Grade 4 Flute

Best of Grade 4 Flute

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A collection of the best loved pieces and studies selected for flute + piano accompaniment (* = unaccompanied study) by the major examination boards for Grade 4 standard players, from current favourites to forgotten gems, including pieces which have captured the imaginations of teachers & students over the years. Edited by flute expert Sally Adams for Faber, 2010. A CD of performances + piano accompaniments is included, as well as useful practice tips.

Bach, J.S. - Siciliana [Sonata in Eb BWV1031]

Blavet - Ciciliana [Sonata in G Minor op.2 no.4]

Chédeville - Preludio [Sonata no.4 in A]

Gunning, Christopher – Waltz for Aggie [Unbeaten Tracks]

Gurlitt – Buds and Blossoms [Woodwind World: Book 4, no.9]

Halton, Jon – Ankara [Fingerprints]

Hampton, Andy - Didgeri Blues [Groove Lab]

Handel - A Tempo di Gavotta [Sonata in C]

Harris, Paul - Elegant éclair* [Improve your scales! Grades 1-3]; Elf* [Improve your scales! Grades 4-5]; Elizabethan Elegy* [Improve your scales! Grades 1-3]; Eskimo* [Improve your scales! Grades 4-5]; Study in F* [76 Graded Studies: Book 1 no.32]

Popp - Study in D minor* [76 Graded Studies: Book 1 no.40]

Telemann - Minuet [Suite in A Minor]; Study in C* [76 Graded Studies: Book 1 no.33]

Wedgwood, Pam - Come Dance with Me [After Hours]

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