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Celtic Harp Solos - Robertson, Kim

Celtic Harp Solos - Robertson, Kim

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46 arrangements for Celtic / folk / non-pedal harp solo, arranged by Kim Robertson for Mel Bay, 1995. Set for Trinity Examinations 2020-23 Harp Grade 1 (Praetorius), Grade 2 (Trad. French – Kalenda Maya), Grade 3 (Trad. Italian – Lauda to Sta. Maddalena), Grade 4 Non-Pedal (Dalza or Trad. Irish – Roving Galway Boy), Grade 5 Non-Pedal (O'Carolan – Carolan's Draught), Grade 6 Non-Pedal (Dussek or Robertson – Bailey's Fancy) & Grade 7 Non-Pedal (Trad. Irish – Musical Priest & Trad. Scottish – Fhear a'Bhata) & Trinity Music Certificate: Non-Pedal Harp Intermediate (Robertson – Bailey's Fancy)

Anon. – La Rotta

Carolan – Eleanor Plunkett; Lament; Morgan Magan; Separation of Soul From the Body

Conollam – Carolan's Dream

Dalza, J. A. arr, Robetrson, K – Paduana Alla Venetiana

Dussek, J. L. – Sonatina No. III

Fauré – Pavane

Godard – Berceuse (excerpt)

O'Carolan, T – Blind Mary; Carolan's Draught

Praetorius – Spangnoletta

Robertson, K – Bailey's Fancy; Bittersweet II; Gratitude; Moonrise; Oopla; Rian; Water Spirit

Trad. American – Blackberry Blossom; Shenandoah

Trad. Bolivian – Som Coiman

Trad. French – Kalenda Maya (12th Cent.)

Trad. Irish – Blarney Pilgrim; Casey's Hornpipe; Castle Kelly; Chanter; Give Me Your Hand; Last Night's Joy/Matt Malloy's Reel; Maids of Mourne Shore; March of King Laois; Martin Wynnd's Air; Musical Priest; Parting Glass, The; Roving Galway Boy; She Moved Through the Fair; Sweetheart Reel/Irish Pat

Trad. Italian – Lauda (15th Cent.); Lauda to Sta. Maddalena (13th Cent.)

Trad. Japanese – Moon Over the Rising Castle

Trad. Scottish – Arran Boat Song; Fhear a'Bhata (The Boatman); Skye Boat Song

Trad. Spanish – Alfonso XII el Sabio (13th Cent.)

Tags: Harp Grade 2; Harp Grade 3; Harp Grade 4; Harp Grade 5; Harp Grade 6; Harp Grade 7.

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