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100 Years Of Popular Music: 1920s Part 1

100 Years Of Popular Music: 1920s Part 1

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100 Years of Popular Music chronicles the greatest music of the 20th century. This book contains more than 70 songs from the 1920s arranged for voice + piano accompaniment & guitar chords, providing a fascinating insight into the music of the era.

Ain't Misbehavin': Eb (eb'-f") - Brooks & Waller

Ain't We Got Fun: Eb (bb-f") - Whiting

Alice Blue Gown [Irene]: C (c'-e") - Tierney

April Showers: G (c#'-e") - Silvers

Avalon: F (c'-d"/e") - Rose

Back in your own backyard: G (c#'-e") - Jolson, Rose & Dreyer

Best things in life are free, The: C (c'-e") - Henderson

Birth of the blues, The: C (b-e") - Henderson

Black Bottom: Eb (eb'-eb") - Henderson

Blue Room, The [Girl Friend, The]: F (c'-f") - Rodgers

Button up your overcoat: C (d'-e") - Henderson

Bye bye blackbird: F (c#'-c") - Henderson

California Here I Come: C (e'-e") - Jolson, de Sylva & Meyer

Carolina in the morning: C (c'-d") - Donaldson

Charleston, The: Bb (e'-eb") - Mack & Johnson

Charmaine: Eb (bb-f"/g") - Rapee

Crazy rhythm: G (f#'-f") - Meyer & Kahn

Dear little cafe [Bitter Sweet]: D (d'-g"/a") - Coward

Diane: Eb (bb-g") - Rapee

Hallelujah [Hit the Deck]: Eb (bb-f") - Youmans

Happy Days Are Here Again: C (c'-e") - Ager

I cried for you: F (c'-e"/f") - Freed, Arnheim & Lyman

I love my baby: G (d'-d") - Warren

I Want To Be Happy [No, No, Nanette]: C (c'-e") - Youmans

I'll get by: C (c'-e") - Ahlert

I'll see you again [Bitter Sweet]: C (c#'-f#") - Coward

I'll see you in my dreams: F (d'-e") - Jones, Isham

I'm looking over a four-leaf clover: Bb (bb-c") - Dixon

I'm sitting on top of the world: F (c'-e") - Henderson

If love were all [Bitter Sweet]:Eb (bb–g") - Coward

In a little Spanish town: Bb (d'-eb"/f") - Lewis, Young & Wayne

In a shady nook by a babbling brook: C (b-d") - Nelson

It all depends on you: C (e'-e") - Henderson

Jealousy: E minor (b/c#'-f#"/a") - Gade

Let me sing & I'm happy [Mammy]: C (e'-e") - Berlin

Limehouse Blues [Charlot's Revue of 1924]: E minor/major (e'-e") - Braham

Love me or leave me [Whoopee!]: F minor (c'-eb") - Donaldson

Lover come back to me [New Moon, The]: G (d'-g") - Romberg

Ma (He's making eyes at me): Eb (d'-f") - Conrad

Makin' Whoopee [Whoopee!]: G (d'-f") - Donaldson

Manhatten [Garrick Gaieties]: F (c'-e") - Rodgers

Margie: F (d'-e") - Davis, Conrad & Robinson

Me and my Shadow: Eb (eb'-eb") - Jolson & Dreyer

Mexicali Rose: C (e'-e") - Tenney

Miss Annabelle Lee: C (d'-d") - Clare

My Blue Heaven: Eb (bb-eb") - Donaldson

My heart stood still [Connecticut Yankee, A]: F (c'-d") - Rodgers

My Mammy [Jazz Singer, The]: C (c'-d") - Donaldson

My Mother's Eyes: Eb (eb'-eb"/f") - Baer

Oh, Lady Be Good [Lady Be Good]: G (d'-e") – Gershwin

Painting the Clouds with Sunshine [Gold Diggers of Broadway]: G (d'-e") - Burke

Room with a View, A [CochranÕs 1928 Revue "This Year of Grace"]:G (d' – e") - Coward

Rose of Washington Square [Ziegfeld's Midnight Frolic]: Bb (c'-d") - Hanley

'S Wonderful [Funny Face]: Eb (eb'-e") - Gershwin

Second Hand Rose [ Ziegfeld Follies of 1921]: F (c'-d") - Hanley

She's funny that way: Eb (eb'-f") - Moret

Side by side: Eb (eb'-eb"/f") - Woods

Singin' in the Rain: G (d'-e") - Brown

Somebody loves me [George White's Scandals of 1924]: G (d'-e") - Gershwin

Someone to watch over me [Oh, Kay!]: Eb (eb'-f")- Gershwin

Spread a little happiness [Mr. Cinders]: Eb (c'-f") - Ellis

Sweet Georgia Brown: G (d'-e") - Bernie, Casey & Pinkard

Tea for Two [No, No, Nanette: Nanette & Tom]: Ab (eb'-f") - Youmans

There's a rainbow round my shoulder [Singing Fool, The]: G (d'-e") - Jolson, Rose & Dreyer

Three o'clock in the morning: C (b-e") - Robledo

Tiptoe through the tulips [Gold Diggers of Broadway]: Eb (d'-eb") - Burke

Valencia: F (c'-e") - Padilla

When day is done: G (bb-e") - Katshcer

When my sugar walks down the street: G (d'-e") - Austin, McHugh & Mills

When the red, red robin: F (c'-eb") - Woods

When you & I were seventeen: Eb (d'-f") - Rosoff

Whispering: C (c'-d") - Schonberger, Coburn & Rose

Who [Sunny]: G (b-e") - Kern

Why do I love you? [Show Boat: Magnolia & Ravenal]: Ab (c'-f") - Kern

With a song in my heart [Spring is Here]: Eb (d'-f") - Rodgers

Wonderful one: F (c'-d") - Neilan, Whiteman & Grofe

World is waiting for the sunrise, The: C (d'-e") - Seitz

Yes, sir, that's my baby: Eb (eb'-eb") - Donaldson

You're the cream in my coffee [Hold Everything]: Eb (d'-f") - de Sylva, Brown & Henderson

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