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Diamik - A-Fet-Noz - CD

Diamik - A-Fet-Noz - CD

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Traditional music from Brittany and Poitou. With two accordions, male & female vocals & harmonica, Diamik performs some fabulous accordion pieces, plus strong vocals by Brigitte Kloareg; this trio is a welcome addition to the world of Breton related folk music by 3 professional musicians who understand that good craftsmanship doesn't need complicated musical arrangements or artificial tricks to spice up the music. 50 mins.

Air pour la mariee / Marchoises

Ar plac'h dime 'et gant an diaoul

Bal Limousine

Bleun spern gwenn

Catharina Stockholm

Gavotte Ton-tripl

Gavottes accordeon

La Magicienne

Ni beus ur vag

Plinn "Mari 'ra din c'hoarzhin"

Ronds de Loudeac

Suite poitevine

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