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Boosey and Hawkes Song Collection Vol. 2

Boosey and Hawkes Song Collection Vol. 2

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A collection of songs for voice + piano accompaniment published by B&H from 1901 - 2004. Includes music set for the ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 4 (List A: Rose arr. - Lark in the Clear Air, The + List B: Dray - Virgin's Cradle Hymn, The), Grade 5 (List B: Ireland - Spring Sorrow or Keel or Vaughan Williams - Linden Lea), Grade 6 (List C: Britten or Copland, arr. - Little Horses, The or Howells), Grade 7 (List C: Clarke or Head - Ships of Arcady The or Poston or Quilter or Vaughan Williams - Sky above the roof, The) & Grade 8 (List C: McDowall) & Trinity Examination 2023 onwards Singing Grade 8 (Group B: McDowall))

Ayres, Paul – There was a Naughty Boy: (d'-f'')

Bridge – E'en as a Lovely Flower: E (c#'-e'')

Britten – Birds, The: E (b-f'')

Clarke, Rebecca – Infant Joy: F (c#'-f'')

Copland – Little Horses, The [Old American Songs]: E minor (b-e'')

Copland – Long Time Ago [Old American Songs]: Bb (f'-f'')

Dray, Robert – In Praise of Ale: D (d'-e'')

Dray, Robert – Virgin's Cradle Hymn, The (‘Dormi, Jesu'): E (b-e'')

Ferguson, H – Apron of Flowers, The [5 Irish Folksongs]: Db (c'-db'')

Field, Christopher – Spell of Creation: Eb (bb-f'')

Head, M – Mamble: Bb (bb-d'')

Head, M – Ships of Arcady, The [Over the Rim of the Moon - no.1]: Bb (bb-eb'')

Howells, H – Widow Bird, The [4 Songs op.22]: E minor (e'-e'')

Hughes, arr. - She moved thro' the fair: Ab (db'-eb")

Hughes, arr. – Young Maid Stood in her FatherÕs Garden, A: Gb (db'–eb'')

Ireland – I Have Twelve Oxen: F (c'-f'')

Ireland – Spring Sorrow: F (c' - d'')

Keel – Trade Winds [Three Salt-Water Ballads - no.2]: Eb (bb-eb'')

Lehmann, Liza – Swing, The [12 Songs of Childhood: Daisy Chain, The]: C (d'-g'')

McDowall, Cecilia – If There are Angels: A (d'-f'')

Poston, Elizabeth – Sweet Suffolk Owl: F (c'-f'')

Quilter – O Mistress Mine [Three Shakespeare Songs op.6 - no.2]: Eb (bb-eb'')

Rorem - Little Elegy: E (c'-e'')

Rorem - On a Singing Girl: (f'-f'')

Rose, M, arr. – Lark in the Clear Air, The: A (d'- f#'')

Rose, M - See, see, mine own sweet jewel: C (c'-e'')

Seiber – O Your Eyes are Dark and Beautiful [Four Greek Folksongs - no.4]: E minor (e'-d'')

Vaughan Williams – Linden Lea: D (d'-e'')

Vaughan Williams – Sky Above the Roof, The: (d'-e'')

Tag: Singing Grade 5, Singing Grade 6, Singing Grade 7; Singing Grade 8.

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