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Purcell - 15 songs and airs - set 2

Purcell - 15 songs and airs - set 2

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15 Purcell songs, set 2, edited & realised for The Purcell Society & available for either high voice (tenor/soprano) or low voice (baritone/contralto) + piano accompaniment. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 4 (List A: Love Quickly is Pall'd) & Grade 8 (List E: Music for a While) & & Trinity Examination 2021-3 Piano Accompanying Grade 5 (Group A: Music for a While)

Keys/pitches of high voice version listed first:

Come, All Ye Songsters of the Sky [Fairy Queen, The] Z629: Bb (f'-g") / G (d'-e")

Hail to the Myrtle Shade [Theodosius]: A (g'-f#") / F (e'-d")

Here Let My Life [If Ever I More Riches Did Desire]: G minor (d'-f") / F minor (c'-eb")

I See She Flies Me Ev'rywhere [Aureng-Zebe] Z573: G minor (d'-g") / E minor (b-e")

Love Quickly is Pall'd [Timon of Athens] Z632: A (e-g#") / F (c'-e")

Man is for the Woman Made (Roundelay) [Mock Marriage, The] Z605: C (e'-g") / A (c#'-e")

Music for a While [Oedipus] Z583: Bb minor (f'-g") / G minor (d'-eb")

One Charming Night Gives More Delight (Secrecy's Song) [Fairy Queen, The]: A minor (e'-f") / F# minor (c#'-d")

Since from my dear Astraea's Sight [Dioclesian] Z627: D minor (d'-f") / C minor (bb-d")

Sound the Trumpet [Duke of Gloucester's Birthday Ode, The]: Bb (d'-ab") / G (b-f#")

Take not a Woman's Anger Ill [Rival Sisters, The]: Bb (d'-f") / Ab (c'-eb")

Tis Nature's Voice [Ode on St. Cecilia's Day, 1692, An]: Eb (eb'-a") / C (c'-f")

Welcome, More Welcome Does He Come (Welcome Song 'From Those Serene And Rapturous Joys'): E minor (e'-g") / C minor (c'-eb")

What Shall I Do to show how much I Love Her [Dioclesian] Z627: B minor (d'-f#") / A minor (c'-e")

Your Awful Voice I Heard (Aeolus' Song) [Tempest, The]: Bb (d'-g") / G (b-e")

Tags: Singing Grade 6; Singing Grade 7; Singing Grade 8

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