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Bumper Book of Music Hall Songs, The

Bumper Book of Music Hall Songs, The

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100 of the best known songs of the British Music Hall dating from the 1860s-1930s, arranged for voice + piano accompaniment + guitar chord symbols.

And Her Golden Hair Was Hanging Down Her Back: Bb (d'-d") - McGlennon

Another Little Drink (Wouldn't Do Us Any Harm): F (a-f") – Ayer

Any Old Iron?: C (e'-e") – Terry & Collins, Sheppard

Are We to Part Like This: G (d'-e") – Collins & Casting

'Arry, 'Arry, 'Arry: F (c'-e") - Le Brunn

Ask a P'liceman: G (d'-d") – Durandeau

At Trinity Church: G (d'-d") - Gilbert

Bird in a Gilded Cage, A: Bb (c'-d") – Tilzer & Lamb

Boy I Love is Up in the Gallery, The: F (c'-d") - Ware

Burlington Bertie From Bow: G (d'-d") – Hargreaves

By the Side of the Zuyder Zee: Bb (c#'-d") – Scott

Call Around Any Old Time: Bb (d'-d") – Moore

Captain Ginjah O.T: Eb (eb'-eb") – Bastow & Leigh

Champagne Charlie: C (c'-d") – Lee

Darling Mabel (Love Letter, The): C (b-c") - Scott

Don't Dilly Dally on the Way (My Old Man): F (d'-d") – Leigh & Collins

Don't Have Any More Missus Moore: Bb (bb-d") – Walsh & Castling

End of My Old Cigar, The: G (f#'-e") – David & Weston

Fall In and Follow Me: D (d'-d") – Scott

Following in Father's Footsteps: C (e'-d") - Rogers

From Marble Arch To Leicester Square: Ab (d'-d") – Lyle

Future Mrs. 'Awkins, The: Eb (c'-eb") - Chevalier

Galloping Major, The: G (d'-e") – Bastow

Gilbert the Filbert: G (c'-e"/g") – Finck & Wimperis

Ginger, You're Barmy: C (c'-e") - Murray

Goodbye, Dolly Gray: C (d'-e") – Barnes

He'd Have To Get Under, Get Out And Get Under: Eb (d'-eb") – Abrahams

Hello! Hello! Who's Your Lady Friend?: F (d#'-d") – Lee & David

Here We Are! Here We Are!! Here We Are Again!!!: Eb (d'-eb"/bb") – Lyle & Knight

Honeysuckle And The Bee, The: F (c'-d") – Penn

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside: Eb (d'-d") – Glover-Kind

I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard: F (c'-eb") – Petrie

I Live In Trafalgar Square: D (c#'-e") - Murphy

I Used to Sigh for the Silvery Moon: D (d'-d") – Darewski

I Want to Sing in Opera: C (eb'-e") – Arthurs & David

I Was a Good Little Girl Till I Met You: F (c'-e") - Tate

I Wouldn't Leave My Little Wooden Hut for You : G (d'-d") – Mellor & Collins

If I Should Plant a Tiny Seed of Love: Bb (f'-f") – Tate

If It Wasn't for the ‘Ouses in Between: Bb (d'-eb") – Brunn & Bateman

If Those Lips Could Only Speak: F (d'-d") – Godwin & Ridgewell

I'm Henery The Eighth, I Am!: C (e'-e") – Weston & Murray

I'm Shy Mary Ellen, I'm Shy: D (d'-d") – Stevens & Ridgewell

I'm Twenty-One To-Day: G (d'-e") - Kendal

In The Twi-twi-twilight: Bb (d'-d") – Darewski &Wilmot

It's a Great Big Shame: D (d'-d") – Brunn & Bateman

It's Alright in the Summertime (ArtistÕs Model, The): G (e'-e") – Murray & Everard

It's a Bit of a Ruin That Cromwell Knocked About a Bit: C (c'-e") - Bedford

Jolly Good Luck to the Girl Who Loves a Soldier: G (d'-e") - Lyle

Just Like the Ivy I'll Cling to You: G (d'-e") – Mills & Castling

Let Me Call You Sweetheart: Bb (d'-eb") - Friedman

Let the Great Big World Keep Turning: Eb (d'-f") - Ayer

Let the Rest of the World Go By: Ab (db'-eb ") - Ball (harmony part included for chorus)

Lily of Laguna: Ab (c'-eb”) - Stuart

Little Annie Rooney: Eb (eb'-eb") - Nolan

Little Dolly Daydream (Pride of Idaho): F (c'-e") - Stuart

Little of What You Fancy, A: Bb (d'-eb") – Leigh & Arthurs

Little Yellow Bird: Bb (d'-eb") – Murphy & Hargreaves

Man on the Flying Trapeze, The: Ab (c'-eb") - Lee

Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo, The: G (d'-e") - Gilbert

Miner's Dream of Home, The: F (c'-e") - Goodwin & Dryden

My Fiddle is My Sweetheart: G (d'-e") - Chirgwin

My Girl's a Yorkshire Girl: G (d'-d") - Murphy & Lipton

My Old Dutch: Eb (c'-eb") - Ingle

Night I Appeared as Macbeth, The: C (d'-e") - Hargreaves

Nobody loves a fairy when she's forty: C (d'-e") Le Clerg

Now I Have to Call Him Father: Ab (c'-c") - Collins & Godfrey

Oh, I must go home tonight: Bb (d'-eb") - Hargeaves

Oh! Mr Porter: G (d'-e") - Le Brunn

Oh! Oh! Antonio: Bb (d'-eb") - Murphy & Lipton

Old Brigade, The: Ab (c'-eb") - Barri

Poor John: F (c'-d") - Pether

Popsy Wopsy!: Bb (e'-d") - Scott

Rest of the Day's Your Own, The: D (d'-e") - David & Long

Riding on Top of the Car: C (c#'-d") - Tilzer

Row, Row, Row: Bb (d'-eb") - Monaco

Sea Weed: C (e'-e") - Earle

She Cost Me Seven-and-sixpence: Eb (d'-eb")- Hargeaves & Mayo

She Sells Sea-shells: Bb (c'-d") - Gifford

She was one of the Early Birds: F (c'-d") - Connor

She's a Lassie from Lancashire: Bb (c-d") - Murphy, Lipton & Neat

Ship Ahoy! (All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor): F (c'-d") - Scott

Sister Susies Sewing Shirts: Eb (eb'-eb") - Darewski

Sons of the Sea: A (c#'-e")- McGlennon

Stop Yer Tickling, Jock!: G (b-e") - Lauder & Folly

There They Are - the Two of 'Em - on their own: G (d'-e") - Le Brunn & Nevin

There's a Long, Long Trail: Ab (e'-eb") - King & Elliot

Two Little Girls in Blue: G (d'-d") - Graham

Waiting at the Church: C (c'-d") - Leigh & Pehter

What I want is a proper cup o' coffee: (d'-d") - Lee & Weston

When Father Papered the Parlour: G (e'-e") - Weston & Barnes

When I Leave the World Behind: Eb (f'-f") - Berlin

When I Take My Morning Promenade: C (c'-d") - Scott

When the Summer Comes Again (Three Pots a Shilling): F (d'-eb") - Bedford

When There Isn't a Girl About: D (e'-e") - Castling & Collins

Where Did You Get That Hat?: C (c'-e") - Rolmaz

Who Were You With Last Night?: D (a-c#") - Godfrey & Sheridan

Why am I always the bridesmaid?: F (c'-c") - Collins & Leigh

Why Did I Leave My Little Back Room?: D (d'-d") - Mills & Carter

With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm: D minor (d'-d")- Weston & Lee

Wot Cher (Knocked 'Em In The Old Kent Road): G (a-e") - Ingle

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