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Dowland, J - Fifty Songs for Low Voice. Book 2

Dowland, J - Fifty Songs for Low Voice. Book 2

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This 2nd volume of 50 songs by John Dowland transcribed from the lute originals for low voice + piano accompaniment, ed. Edmund H. Fellowes for Stainer, contains the 2nd 25 titles. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 8 (List A: Weep You No more, Sad Fountains)

By A Fountain Where I Lay: E minor (d#'-d'')

Clear or Cloudy: F (c'-d'')

Disdain Me Still: F (d'-d'')

Farewell Unkind: F (f#'-d'')

Flow Not So Fast, Ye Fountains: F (d'-d'')

Far From Triumphing Court: F (c'-d'')

If That a Sinner's Sighs: D minor (c#'-c'')

In Darkness Let Me Dwell: G minor (c'-d'')

It Was a Time When Silly Bees: C minor/F minor (c'-db'')

Lady, If You So Spite Me: E minor (g'-f'')

Love Those Beams: E minor (d#'-e'')

Lowest Trees Have Tops, The: F# minor (c#'-c#'')

Me, Me, and none but Me: F (f'-d'')

My Heart and Tongue were Twins: G minor (bb-d'')

O What Hath Overwrought: E minor (d#'-d'')

Say Love If Ever Thou Didst Find: G (f#'-d'')

Shall I Strive With Words To Move: E minor (e'-d'')

Shall I Sue?: D minor (d'-d'')

Sweet, Stay Awhile: G minor (d'-d'')

Tell Me, True Love: G minor (d'-d'')

Time Stands Still: F (f'-c'')

Weep You No More, Sad Fountains: D minor (a-d'')

Were Every Thought An Eye: G minor (d'-d'')

What If I Never Speed?: F minor (c'-db'')

Where Sin Sore Wounding: D minor (e'-e'')

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