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Dowland, J - Fifty Songs for High Voice. Book 1

Dowland, J - Fifty Songs for High Voice. Book 1

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This first volume of 50 songs by John Dowland transcribed from the lute originals for high voice + piano accompaniment, ed. Edmund H. Fellowes for Stainer, contains the first 25 titles. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 4 (List A: Now, O Now I Needs Must Part), Grade 7 (List A: Come Again or Go Crystal Tears) & Grade 8 (List A: Awake, Sweet Love or Flow My Tears).

Awake, Sweet Love, Thou Art Return'd: F (e'-f'')

Burst Forth, My Tears: D (f#'-f#'')

Can She Excuse My Wrongs?: F minor (f'-f'')

Come Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite: Ab (e'-f'')

Come Away, Come Sweet Love: G minor(f#'-f'')

Come Heavy Sleep: G (e'-f#'')

Dear, If you Change: D (e'-f#'')

Fine Knacks For Ladies: F (e'-f'')

Flow My Tears: C minor (f'-g'')

Go Crystal Tears: F (a'-f'')

His Golden Locks: Bb (a'-f'')

I Saw My Lady Weep: C minor (g'-g'')

If My Complaints Could Passions Move: G minor (f#'-f'')

Mourn! Day Is With Darkness Fled: D minor/F minor (f'-f'')

My Thoughts Are Wing'd With Hopes: C minor (g'-g'')

Now Cease, My Wandering Eyes: F (f'-f'')

Now, O Now I Needs Must Part: A (f#'-f#'')

Rest Awhile, Your Cruel Cares: Bb (a'-f'')

Shepherd in a Shade, A: B (f#'-f#'')

Sleep, Wayward Thoughts: G (a'-f#'')

Sorrow, Stay: B minor (f#'-f#'')

Unquiet Thoughts: C (g'-f'')

White As Lilies Was Her Face: G minor (g'-f'')

Who Ever Thinks or Hopes of Love: G minor (f'-g'')

Wilt thou, Unkind, Thus Reave Me?: A minor (f#'-f#'')

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