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Boosey & Hawkes 20th Century Easy Song Collection

Boosey & Hawkes 20th Century Easy Song Collection

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The Boosey & Hawkes 20th Century Easy Song Collection is selected by Eileen Field, for voice + piano accompaniment: 33 songs for the early grades. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2018 onwards Singing Grade 1 (List A: Rao), Grade 2 (List A: Hughes + List B: Stanford),Grade 3 (List B: Finzi - Ferry Me Across the Water or Thiman & List C: Bernstein - My House), Grade 4 (List B: Field or Finzi - Lily has a Smooth Stalk, The or Gibbs or Vaughan Williams + List C: Bernstein - Peter, Peter), Grade 5 (List B: Copland or Finzi - Boy Johnny or Howells) & Grade 6 (List C: Clarke) & Singing for Musical Theatre 2019 onwards Grade 3 (List A: Bernstein - My House) + Trinity Examinations 2023 onwards Grade 3 (Group B: Gibbs or Higginson or Barratt - Nothing-at-all!), Grade 4 (Group B: Bernstein - My House or Peter, Peter or Britten – Early One Morning or O Waly Waly or Field or Howells or Keel) & Grade 5 (Group B: Copland).

Barratt, C - Farmer's Boy: G minor (d'-e"); Nothing-at-all!: C minor (db'-eb")

Bartok - Drinking Song (Bordal): A minor (c'-e") + Lament (Panasz): C# minor (f#'-e") [Twenty Hungarian Folksongs]

Bernstein - My House: F (c'-f") + Peter, Peter: G (c'-g") [Peter Pan]

Britten – Early One Morning: Eb (bb-eb") & O Waly Waly: A (e'-e") [Folksong Arrangements from the British Isles]

Clarke, R - Down by the Salley Gardens: E minor (d'-e")

Copland - Simple Gifts: Ab (eb'-f") [Old American Songs - First Set]

Field, C - Sleep, Little Babe, I Love Thee: F minor (c'-f") [Slumber Songs of the Madonna]

Finzi – Boy Johnny: G (d'-e"/g"), Ferry Me Across the Water: A minor (c'-e") & Lily has a Smooth Stalk, The: F minor (c'-f") (Songs to Poems by Christina Rossetti, op.1)

Gibbs, C - Dusk: F (c'-eb")

Harty, H - Song of the 3 Mariners: G (d'-e")

Head, M - Carol of Field Mice: D (d'-eb"/f#")

Higginson, I - Everyone Sang: G (d'-e"); Picture-books in Winter

Howells, H - Girl's Song: G (d'-e") [4 Songs op. 22]

Hughes, H, arr. - Little Boats: D minor (d'-d") [Old Irish Melodies]

Keel, F - My True Love hath my Heart: Eb (eb'-eb") [Three Old English Lyrics]

Maw, N - Three Young Rats: G (bb-e") [Caroline Pink & Other Nonsense Rhymes]

Poston, E - Bellman's Song, The: Db (db'-eb")

Proctor-Gregg, H - I Know a Bank: Eb (d'-eb")

Prokofiev - Little Pigs, The: Bb (d'-eb") [3 Children's Songs op. 68]

Quilter, R - Weep you no More: D minor (c'-e") [7 Elizabethan Lyrics]

Rao, D arr. - Good Night: D minor (d'-e") - Trad. Russian

Stanford, C arr. - Cuckoo, The (Kukkuk, Der): F (e'-c")

Stravinsky – Magpie, The: Eb (g'-f") & Rook, The: F (f'-e") [3 Songs from the Recollections of Childhood]

Thiman, E - Path to the Moon, The: Ab (eb'-f")

Vaughan Williams - Cradle Song: Eb (c'-eb")

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