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Strawberry Fair

Strawberry Fair

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51 best-known & best-loved traditional songs from around the British Isles. This edition includes a singalong CD of all the piano accompaniments. The book includes guitar chords & suggestions for effective melodic and rhythmic accompaniments. Music reading is required for some of these but wherever possible ideas have been explained without musical notation. The songs are short & repetitive enough for children to learn by heart & each has some simple historical notes & playalong ideas.

Air Fa-La-La-Lo: F (c'-d") - Roberton

All Things Are Quite Silent: C (d'-c": unaccompanied) - Trad. English

A-roving: F (c'-f") - Trad. Capstan Shanty

Barbara Allen (2 versions: C, unaccompanied, c'-c",Trad. English, + C, unaccompanied, c'-d",Trad. Scottish)

Billy Boy: D (c#'-d") - Trad. Northumbrian Shanty

Blow Away The Morning Dew: G (d'-e") - Trad. Irish

Blow the Man Down: C (b'-a') - Trad. Capstan Shanty

Blow the Wind Southerly: F (a-d") - Trad. English

Blue Bell of Scotland, The: C (c'-c") - Trad. Scottish

Brennan on the Moor: C (c'-c": unaccompanied) - Trad. Irish

Bushes and Briars: G minor (c'-d": unaccompanied) - Trad. English

Caller Herrin': Eb (bb-eb") - Gow

Charlie is My Darling: C minor (c'-eb") - Trad. Scottish

Cockles and Mussels: G (d'-d") - Trad. Irish

Danny Boy (Londonderry Air): C (b-e") - Trad. Irish

Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron: F (c'-d") - Trad. English

Derby Ram, The: D minor (d'-d") - Trad. English

Donkey Riding: D (d'-d") - Trad. Capstan Shanty

Drummer and the Cook, The: E (b-e") - Trad.

Early One Morning: Eb (bb-eb") - Trad. English

Garden Where the Praties Grow, The: F (c'-d") - Trad. Irish

Golden Slumbers: Ab (c'-eb") - Trad.

Green Grow The Rushes, O: Bb (bb-d") - Trad.

Johnny Todd: D (a-b') - Trad. English

Keeper, The: D (d'-d") - Trad. English

Lincolnshire Poacher, The: A (c#'-e") - Trad. English

Loch Lomond: F (c'-d") - Trad. Scottish

Mairi's Wedding: F (b-d") - Trad. Scottish: Lewis

Mermaid, The: D (d'-d") - Trad. English

Miller Of Dee, The: G minor (d'-d") - Trad. English

Mush, Mush: G (d'-d") - Trad. Irish

My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean: Bb (d'-d") - Trad. English

O Can Ye Sew Cushions?: Eb (bb-eb") - Trad. Scottish

Oak And The Ash, The: E minor (b-d") - Trad. English

Oh Soldier, Soldier: G (b-d") - Trad. English

Paper of Pins: F (b-a') - Trad. English

Rio Grande: Eb (bb-eb") - Trad. Shanty

Scarborough Fair (2 versions - F, unaccompanied, c'-c", & G, b-d") - Trad. English

Skye Boat Song: G (d'-d") - Trad. Scottish

Spanish Ladies: G (d'-d") - Trad. Shanty

Spinning Wheel Song, The: Eb (eb'-c") - Trad. English

Strawberry Fair: G (d'-d") - Trad. English

Suo-gan: D (d'-d") - Trad. Welsh

Sweet Polly Oliver: C (a-d") - Trad. English

Tailor and the Mouse, The: Ab (c'-c") - Trad. English

There's a Big Ship Sailing: D (a-b') - Trad.

Tree in the Wood, The: D (d'-d") - Trad. English

Widdicombe Fair: G (d'-d") - Trad. English

William Taylor: G (d'-d") - Trad. English

Windy Old Weather: D (c#'-c#") - Trad. Shanty

Wraggle-taggle Gypsies, The: C minor (c'-d") - Trad. English

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