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Britten - Opera Arias for Bass-Baritone

Britten - Opera Arias for Bass-Baritone

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Selected arias for bass-baritone from the operas of Benjamin Britten. Original English lyrics + German translations, reduced for bass-baritone + piano accompaniment. Set for FRSM (Baritone / Bass: Bottom's Dream or O Beauty, O Handsomeness, Goodness) + FTCL (Baritone / Bass: Bottom's Dream)

As Your Highness Commands (A-d) [Gloriana: Raleigh]

Good Wiffe, Let Be All This Beare (F-e') [Noye's Fludde: Noye]

How Bitter of You (Bb-eb') [Rape of Lucretia: Collatinus]

O Beauty, O Handsomeness, Goodness (G-f#') [Billy Budd: Claggart]

Sweet Moon, I Thank Thee (A-f') + When My Cue Comes (Bottom's Dream) (Bb-f') [Midsummer Night's Dream, A: Bottom]

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