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First Repertoire for Descant Recorder

First Repertoire for Descant Recorder

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28 melodies selected by Sally Adams for Faber, varying from waltzes & minuets to jazzy solos & folk tunes. For descant recorder + piano accompaniment. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2022 onwards Descant/Soprano recorder Grade 1 (List A: Handel), Grade 2 (List B: Telemann - Andante), Grade 3 (List B: Conte or Haydn - Pastorale) & Grade 4 (List C: Watts - Coffee Bean Carnival!) + Trinity Examinations 2022 onwards Descant/Soprano Recorder Grade 1 (Group A: Harris or Paisible), Grade 2 (Group B: Da Costa), Grade 3 (Group A: Bennett or Conte or Haydn - Finale) & Grade 4 (Group B: Watts - Coffee Bean Carnival!).

Adams, Sally - Hot Coffee at the Silver Spoon Corral

Anon. arr. Adams – Polka (Czech); Slater's Fancy (English country dance)

Arbeau - Les Bouffons [Orchesographie]

Bennett, Ned - Moody Judy

Berens, Hermann - Cheerful Soldier, The

Bergmann, Walter - Austrian Landler; Pony Trot

Britten - Waltz Variations

Chedeville - Musette

Conte, Paolo – At Sunset

Da Costa, Doris - Jumping Jacks; Thumbs Up!

Handel - Gavotte

Harris, Paul - Sunny Spells

Haydn - Partie I in G – Pastorale; Partie III - Finale

Jensen, Adolf - Hungarian Melody [Songs & Dances op.33 no.11]

Mercadante - Theme [Theme & Variations for Flute & Strings]

Milne, Elissa - Waltzing Echidna

Naudot, Jean-Jacques - Babiole

Paisible, John - Minuet

Pepusch - Gavotte

Telemann - Andante [Partita no.1]; Pastourelle

Watts, Sarah - Coffee Bean Carnival!; Off To Somewhere

Wedgwood - Monty (The Mystery Cat)

Tags: Recorder Grade 2; Recorder Grade 3; Recorder Grade 4

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