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Telemann - 4 Sonatas for treble recorder + continuo

Telemann - 4 Sonatas for treble recorder + continuo

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'The Faithful Music Master or Der Getreue Musikmeister' occupies a special place in the history of musical publications, since it was the first musical periodical to appear regularly. This edition of Telemann's Four Sonatas TWV41 is based on one of only 25 surviving copies. Arranged for Treble Recorder + piano accompaniment realised by Johannes Dietz Degen, with Basso Continuo part also included. Barenreiter Edition HM6. Set for ABRSM Examinations 2022 onwards Treble/Alto Recorder Grade 5 (List A: Sonata in Bb TWV.41:B3 - 3rd + 4th mvts) & Grade 6 (List A: Sonata in F TWV41:F2 - 1st + 2nd mvts) + Trinity Examination 2022 onwards Flute Grade 5 (Group A: Sonata in F TWV41:F2 - 1st mvt) & Treble/Alto Recorder Grade 6 (Group A: Sonata in F TWV.41:F2 - 1st + 2nd mvts) & Grade 8 (Group A: Sonata in F minor TWV.41:f1 - 3rd + 4th mvts) & Trinity Music Certificates: Recorder Intermediate (Sonata in Bb: any 2 contrasting movements) & Recorder Advanced (Sonata in F minor: complete).

Sonata in Bb TWV.41:B3

Sonata in C TWV.41:C2

Sonata in F Minor TWV.41:F1

Sonata in F TWV.41:F2

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