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Linde - Modern Exercises for treble recorder

Linde - Modern Exercises for treble recorder

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Hans-Martin Linde's Modern Exercises for solo treble recorder are set for Trinity Examinations 2022 onwards Treble/Alto Recorder Grade 4 (Group B: Andante amabile - Wide interval leaps, soft tonguing) & Grade 5 (Group B: Giocoso) 

Adagio cantabile - Phrasing by breathing or tonguing

Alla Breve - High notes, study in tone production

Allegro grazioso - Movement of the thumb, short tonguing

Allegro leggiero - Single and double tonguing

Allegro moderato - Single and double tonguing

Allegro Vivace - Legato over long phrases

Andante - Cross-fingerings

Andante - Movement of fingergroups

Andante amabile - Movement of the thumb

Andante amabile - Wide interval leaps, soft tonguing

Andante deciso - Combination of different types of articulation

Comodo - Movement of the thumb with wide interval leaps

Comodo - Triads

Giocoso - Combination of single and double tonguing

Leggiero - Staccato, single tonguing

Moderato - Chromatic movement

Moderato - Staccato on low notes

Tempo Giusto - Portato

Tranquillo - Legato

Vivace - Legato playing with difficult fingerings, also with exceptional fingerings

Vivace - Legato with cross-fingering

Vivace - Ornaments (on the beat)

Tags: Recorder Grade 6; Recorder Grade 7; Recorder Grade 8

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